Welcome to Predict-A-Score (www.pabspace.co.uk)

Predict-A-Score is a competition based on, ahem, predicting the results of football matches.
Which ones?
All the English Premiership, English Championship and Scottish Premiership.
Oh, and a couple from English Leagues One & Two   : )
Founded in 1989, the inaugural competition had 6 entries…
Now, in our 33rd year, we get up to at least 90+ players.
And, we once reached the heady heights of 120…whoo, and indeed, hoo!
PAS Lucky 13 Winter 2022 kicks off on Friday 12th August 2022 and ends on w/e 4th November 2022.
Entry for PAS Lucky 13 Winter 2022 is by invitation only.

If you’d like an invitation…


Email [email protected] for an invite!


And, to help you along, click here to see what all the fuss is about!