PAS Lucky 13 Winter 2014 Final Table Round Up & PAS Poll 2014

“We won’t let this slip”: Aside from a minor blip in week five, Mr Consistency has topped the table for five weeks and has kept both feet firmly planted on the ground to claim this seasons PAS crown.

Winning on his début, congratulations to Stephen Mullan 350(45)

Despite his best efforts to cause a final week upset Dan Hogwood finishes in second place [insert fix comments here], who was closely followed by another débutante Graham Entwistle. Beginners luck? We’ll have to find out next season!

A meagre point behind third was the Week 13 winner, Neil Templeton will be combing his 390 predictions to figure out where it got to. Dan Pelgrom closely followed in fifth followed by Scott Harrison and Paul Henshaw in seventh.

Gareth Morgan completed his redemption climbing from 65th to 8th in seven weeks. Jason Morris and Kate Hopper proved whilst form is temporary class is permanent by securing their second top ten finishes in as many seasons.

Commiserations to Jazz Sian who matched Kate point for point though was five correct scores off a top ten finish.

Unfortunately its been downhill for Francesca Fernandez 225(20) since Week 2 and the wooden spoon can take pride of place on the mantelpiece.

Spot Prizes, if your name is called congratulations, you’ve won a prize!

Richard Hirst on 12th (2nd spot prize in a row!), Pab on 17th, Alex Rossi on 21st, Mark Seels & Olly Osmond on 25th, Dave Goggin on 33rd, Danny Ashworth on 34th, Alex Taylor on 38th, Martin Stafford on 44th, Andy Chesworth on 45th, Julian Fernandez on 49th, George Triantafillou on 57th, Predictz on 65th, Neil Birchall on 67th, Savan Arora on 74th, Norman Lee on 78th and Felix Hines on 85th.

As you’ll know our friend and fellow PAS’er Felix sadly passed away and as a result both his and Predictz prizes will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society which you can find out more about here.

Please bear with us sending across the prize money, if you have any questions in the interim drop us an email to [email protected].

PAS Spring Cup 2015, congratulations to Tony Morris for sneaking the last spot!

PAS Champions League 2014/15

Congrats to the winners of the groups: (A) Tony Morris , (B) Jason Morris , (C) Neil Templeton , (D) Jamie Sellers , (E) Gareth Morgan , (F) Jack Buxton , (G) Richard Hirst, (H) Ryan Graves. And also whilst you didn’t quite win the group a big well done to the runners up aswell: (A) Jon Tofeili , (B) Simon Buxton , (C) Andy Chesworth , (D) Neil Meredith , (E) Dan Pelgrom , (F) Clare Templeton , (G) Alex Rossi, (H) Scott Harrison , you’ve all made it through to the knockout stages which will be drawn at a later date.

And another thing:

David Goggin claims best score of the season and its respective prize for his impressive 63(9) whilst Dave Crisp’s inspired Wigan Athletic 3 Fulham 3 prediction stood the test of time to claim best prediction of the season.

As always a big thanks to everyone for taking part and your patience with the website. Between now and L13 Spring 2015 we are concentrating on consolidating and refining what we have to allow for a problem free season so watch this space!

We’ll see you all next year as L13 Spring 2015 will be kicking off on 24 January 2015 and it is highly likely that we’ll be running our newbie promo with reduced entry for those who haven’t played before so remember, its never too early to start recruiting. Drop us their names and email addresses any time you want and we can get them added to the mailing list!

The PAS poll is now online and can be completed by following this link, go on give it a go, we’d love to know what you think!


PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’14 Week 13 round up


It’s with great sadness that I share with you that Pab’s Dad has recently passed away. Pab does a phenominal amount of work to keep the competition running and he will understandably be taking a step back from this for a while. I speak for everybody when I say that our thoughts and best wishes are with Pab and his family.

An end of season round up will follow shortly, however as a sign of respect this week we will stick to the headlines.

Weekly Winner: Neil Templeton 32(6)

Worst Score: Clare Templeton 7(0)

Highest Climber: Stephen Street (+13)

Biggest Faller: Jon Tofeili, Eddie Osborne & Neil Critchlow (-10)

Best Correct Score: Debbie Lee — Fulham 0 – 2 Brighton

Bet of the Week: £3 stake retained


Lucky 13 Winter ’14

Forget about those silly fantasy games – P-A-S is back! Fully online!
New improved site! Play from your mobile! No more Word docs!!!

Lucky 13 Winter ‘14 starts on weekend 3rd-5th October 2014! If you’re a newcomer (hola!) or a regular (welcome back!), check out our site – all you need to know is here & (ahem) hopefully it will all make sense…

Mail me here so I can add you to the list – the more, the merrier, the more money in the kitty to be won!

We need new blood to kick start taking our beautiful game to the masses and we also need to fund the remarkable research & development that takes place behind the scenes courtesy of Dan & Dave. We also need to pay for domain names, feeds, servers & all that other boring but necessary stuff that makes our online offering so bloomin’ ace!

Introduce someone new or entice someone (who has been away for a while) back into the fold and you’ll earn a discounted entry fee!

Entry fee will be £23 for the PAS Lucky 13 Winter ‘14 season

Introduce a player and it comes down to £16.50 each

Add another person and its £14.33 each & so on…

So, basically £10 entry fee per new person that you introduce – or you can divide up the total as above. Or you pay £10 and get them to pay £23…you decide!

P-A-S rocks! Don’t take my word for it, check these testimonials…

“I play P-A-S and i’m not mental” – K Charters
“I put Palace to win every game. Sometimes they do. It’s all about the long game” – G Blackburn
“I was sooooo excited and giddy about playing the legendary PAS I wet myself…” – L Gray
“I know about football and I know PAS not only enhances your judgement for fixed odds betting it can be a considerable source of income in itself” – J Sain
“I’m a girl and even I won a weekly prize – so two fingers up to you tw*tty boys who think you know everything!” – M Webster
“I just threw dice for my scores and finished bottom – I don’t recommend this” – A Bennet- Dawson
“I used to play religiously every season and now I live in Australia!” – J Fonas
“Don’t let your heart rule your head – Celtic always win 3-0 – it’s a nailed on 5 pointer” – C O’McGoldrick “Och, I did my best to scupper your game last season, you have to say I made it entertaining!” – D Moys

Anyway… The season is up and running, so time to start honing those footie predicting skills, watching every game on telly, swotting up on the reports in the papers, poring over the league tables and ignoring every single “tip of the week” from the pro punters – enjoy!

MAIL ME BACK here IF YOU WANT TO BE INVOLVED and let me know of any “new” players by giving me their name & email address.

Cheers, Pab

BOTW Week 13

Which 3 home teams will win?

Watford v QPR – 14%

Middlesbro v Reading – 14%

Charlton v Sheff Wed – 13%