PAS Lucky 13 Spring ’22 Week 4 round up

 Fat chance…



You’re The Best Thing:

It’s shaping up to be a tight season judging by the first four weeks’ scores <puffs cheeks, reassured that being 69th is “ok”> and the “bunching” was a real feature in Week 4…

13 punters scored thirty points or more (even Gary B risked a nosebleed this week!) with seven players laying claims to the £20 weekly prize – a couple had the 4-1 derby 9 pointer and four more had Man City only winning 3-1, which must have really rankled…

Ric P was almost there, but a 96th minute goal for Luton ultimately ended his challenge.

It was left wide open then for Dave Crisp 35 (5) to bag victory – two five pointers courtesy of Huddersfield & Celtic was topped off with 95th minute Forest equaliser securing the vital correct score to see off his rivals.

And if you’re feeling miffed about the aforementioned last minute spoiling 4-1, Dave had 3-1 too…

Congrats Crispy – you wouldn’t consider changing up for 20 x £1 coins and luzzing them at Granit on Sunday would you?!

Asking for a friend…


Walls Come Tumbling Down:

It was snuggly in the nether regions too this week!

20 of us failed to make the 20 point mark with only 4 PASers failing to register a correct score.

One didn’t get into double figures though.

Bijay Lama 9 (0) i think you’re in a for a ribbing on your What’s App group mate…



Correct Score of the Week:

Meh…most popular score was Toon’s 2-1 win over Brighton– 28 of youse got that!


Twenty-one doffed a cap to Huddersfield’s 3-0 deconstruction of Posh

19 were well away with the 1-3 away win for Celtic

Five got Dundee Utd’s “Desmond” with Hearts

5(!!) had City’s merciless deconstruction of Man Yoo

Sam A, Rowan M & Ric P obviously guessed Swansea would beat Coventry 3-1

Simon Linds & Justin C lapped up the injury time joy of Norwich 1 Brentford 3

Neil C believed in Blackpool. A 0-1 kinda belief…



However, this week’s best correct score goes to Howard Thomas for his your-name’s-not-down-you’re-not-coming-in inspired, Lincoln City 3 Sheffield Wednesday 1!



Bet of the Week:

Chris Dixon was on “Bet of the Week” position 45th in Week 3 so we asked him to provide a treble selection for the £3 “trixie” bet.

And guess what?!


“Here’s my trixie selection that is absolutely nailed-on, guaranteed, safer than an oligarch’s superyacht in a UK port, to bring home the winnings this week:
Newcastle United – W
Wolverhampton Wanderers – W
Sheffield Wednesday – W
I can hear the bookmaker’s knees trembling already…”
Yes Toon!


So, £0 goes on “Bet of the Week” slot 45th – hmmmmppphhh!



Ric Pardoe is at 33rd this week….


Ricardo, I need your National League leading inspired 3 team selection by Friday, please!


We need a winner…no pressure!



Table News:


Shout To The Top:

Andy Chesworth jumps up to the summit, 1 point ahead of Anders H, who in turn is 1 point ahead of Norman L in third…


Five crashed the Top Ten!



Have You Ever Had It Blue:

Greg Fleming flops down 2 places back to the bottom, one correct score behind Paul H, who in turn is 2 correct scores off Luke S



A Solid Bond In Your Heart:

Highest climber this week, up a whopping 26 places is Dave Crisp – honourable mentions go to Andy K (+17), Ric P (+20), Justin C (+18), Paul V (+16), Neil M (+17), Sam A (+19) and Howard T (+16)


My Ever Changing Moods:

Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 29 places is John King – dishonourable mentions go to Bijay L (-26), Paul C (-15), Predictz (-16) and Charlie H (-16)



Click here for further details…




PAS Champions League Knockout Stages 2021/22:

Last Sixteen 2nd leg games went ahead this week…


It. Was. Dramatic! (sort’ve)


We had 8 successful jokers! 1 hammering! 3 away wins! 1 close game! And 1 “heartbreaker”!

One won their game with 21 points & one lost their game with 28 points!


Congrats to those who made through to the money rounds, you’re now guaranteed £20!


Full results & aggregate scores can be found here


Quarter Finals draw to follow…soon!


Dates for your diaries – PAS CL Weeks

Quarter Finals 1st leg – Week 6
Quarter Finals 2nd leg –  Week 8
Semi Finals 1st leg –  Week 10
Semi Finals 2nd leg – Week 12
Final – the merry month of May (‘22)


PAS Cup 2022:

Last Sixteen draw to follow…soon!


Full results can be found here



Dates for your diaries – PAS Cup Weeks

Last 16 – Week 7
Quarter Finals – Week 9
Semi Finals – Week 13
Final – the merry month of May (‘22)

PAS Champions League 2022-23:

In order to be invited to enter the PAS Champions League 2022-23 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is the new boy…Chris Webber!


And Another Thing:

The Predictz weekly £20 prize went off to DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal…



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