PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’21 final table round up


So, who won?

Well…a young PASer who has, let’s say, been very much in the shadows at his family abode due to his dad’s emphatic Champions League record. One who obviously took it upon himself to be more like his old man this season…and my, how that decision has paid off!

He let his “this-is-how-to-win-a-league-title” weekly performances do the talking for him “on the pitch” as he’s yet to get involved on our What’s App group (erm, the rest of youse are all on that aren’t you?!) and give some sideye to the Arse like is the want of everyone on there…<shakes fist>

It was another close, compacted, confusing Covid (slightly less) catastrophe of a season – whilst Man City smoothly glide their way to the title (come on you Gunners!!) with certainty & consistency in the (non) real world, our champion pretty emulated Pep’s Machine to his own victory!

A few players kinda threatened to win it, but…

No one got close to the magnificent correct score tally. The joint fourth best ever. And, the points tally was the 8th highest ever to boot!

To be perfectly frank, it was another of those almost perfect campaigns…

Our “Winter” champ started the season at a comfy 15th, jumped to 4th, then hit the top spot in Week 3. Blimey.

And there he stayed right up to Week 8 before dipping to 2nd for a few weeks. Double blimey!

More dips?


Week 12 it was all about putting the gallant Matthew M et al (inc. his dad) to the sword!

With the impeccable timing of a seasoned PAS pro, when really it mattered, any challengers were brushed aside in a remarkable performance of concentrated consistency!


So, be upstanding lords, ladies & gents and doff your caps to Jack Buxton 376 (54) – He. Is. A. Winner!

Bravo Master Buxton, you’ve shown some minerals this season. Sparkling stuff!


Jack The Lad won by a narrow 3 points from a heroic effort from Matthew Murphyin second place.

And he finished six points ahead of “Geordie With A Nosebleed”, Chris Dixon in third spot.

Simon Buxton was a further 1 point behind in the not too shabby 4th berth, with Mark Seels 12 points shy in 5th proudly flying the “I’m The Top Syndicator” banner for once…  : )

Just three correct scores  further back, Jazz Sian can reflect on a fine season, akin to his halycon days, finishing in sixth spot, with a, i’d expect, very giddy Lily Templeton following in 7th virtue of another 3 correct scores. Bravo that Belfast Bella (aged 12)!

In eighth place (only 7 points back) was the ever enthusiastic Reagon Karki and further endorsing & repping “Girl Power!”, Samantha Randall was another two points behind in 9th.

Like the resurgent Tranmere, Rich Lee just edged out perennial prize spot botherer Jason Morris courtesy of a couple of points in 10th…welcome back to the big time Ricardo!




Only 16 points, but 58 places, separated our new champion from newbie Robert Haworth 253 (22) in Week 1!

Actually, that may well be the highest scoring wooden spoon ever…but I guess that’s scant consolation cos it’s still last place innit!



Starting in 83rd, our latest debutant never really recovered.

Like a role model to rubbish yo-yoing, it was then 77th, down to 91st, down again to 93rd for two weeks, then up to 92nd, and up again in Week 7 to 90th!

Week 8 it was down to 92nd.

A brief rally to 91st & then 87th was followed with a slip down again to 89th in Week 11.

Week 12 saw him nestled in at second bottom

And then the final fall…securing the wooden spoon to round off a thoroughly miserable year.

Eddie O, Tony M, Debbie L, Charlie H & El Presidente made gallant efforts over the season to save The Syndicate’s mate’s blushes, but…


Spot Prizers

Ok, YOU have finished on these positions AND you HAVE won those prizes!

Pete Hawdon on 13th, Luke Stafford on 17th, Ben Hogwood on 23rd, Mike Krasnowski on 27th, Daniel Hughes on 33rd, Neil Osborne on 39th, Bijay Lama on 42nd, Martin Stafford on 45th, George Triantafillou on 56th, Neil Critchlow on 57th, Stuart Fitzsimon on 60th, Dan Miller on 65th, Ric Pardoe on 71st, Howard Thomas on 83rd, and Me! on 89th – small victories, kids!

click here to view the full table & to see how much you won!


*** all prize money (less your entry fee!) will be winging its way over this week – promise! Look out for that Monzo link notification on email!***



PAS Champions League Knockout Stages 2021/22:

Last Sixteen draw coming your way soon!


Dates for your (next year) diaries – PAS CL Weeks

Last 16 1st leg – Week 2
Last 16 2nd leg –  Week 4
Quarter Finals 1st leg – Week 6
Quarter Finals 2nd leg –  Week 8
Semi Finals 1st leg –  Week 10
Semi Finals 2nd leg – Week 12
Final – the merry month of May (‘21)


PAS Cup 2021:

Congrats if you finished in the Top 32 – you’re in the Cup. Magic!

Draw to follow…


Dates for your (next year) diaries – PAS Cup Weeks

1st Round – Week 3
Last 16 – Week 7
Quarter Finals – Week 9
Semi Finals – Week 13
Final – the merry month of May (‘21)



Other little bits 


Rich Lee picks up £10 for getting the record breaking Best Weekly Score of the Season in Week 3 –  72 (10)


Mike Krasnowski picked up £5 for getting the Best Correct Score of the Season – France 8 Kazakhstan 0. 




Thanks again to all for taking time and bothering to play, we couldn’t do it without you!

And a final big thank you to Dave N Dan H for providing all the behind the scenes techky stuff to enable another great (relatively glitch free!) season…


See you in a few weeks PASers.


Good riddance 2021…


Cheers and (belated) Happy New Year!