PAS Lucky 13 Spring ’21 Week 1 round up

“You WILL pay on time next season…”


Mister Natural:

New year, new start ‘n’ all that.

I did my scores from a position of excellent preparation, plenty of research and a knowing that it’d be a week that would go as it ought to go…

It didn’t. It hasn’t for a while eh?

So apologies for the lateness of this update – i’ve been in shock. And in pubs. Actually that’s a lie. I’ve extended dry Jan to Feb…

Quite a lot of you clearly knew what I didn’t…but not that many for a change! Hurrah for a very random Week 1!

Best of the bunch?

Justin Corliss 23 (3) deftly manoeuvred to the front of the pack thanks to, well, Stoke & Spurs basically!

And therein securing quite possibly the lowest winning score in PAS history. Quite a feat. Considering 18 others could have done it too this week…

If you got 20 points or more this week, you were one of nine – I doff my cap, you jammy…


So, congrats Justin, £20 winging it’s way to you ASAP – you’ve already broke even!

Always the best week to win it – innit!



Hard Times:

Did you score more than Mr 2-0 this week?

Wow. To be fair that was quite an achievement…yes, I’m hugging myself in a self conglatulatory manner. And?

34 of youse couldn’t manage that this week.


Not as shocking as Leicester though eh?! <Miguel Almiron emoji face>

Eighteen players didn’t manage a correct score and 7 couldn’t muster up a measly 10 points!

One fella wishing he was being more “Brendan” though is Hira Yonzan 7 (0).

A woeful start sees him at the bottom of the pile in the opening week – a lesson learnt not to entrust your scores to “form and/or home advantage”…

What will the family say H??!


Correct Score of the Week:

In the bleak mid winter…you did very well! Most popular score was Celtic’s 1-2 win at St Johnstone– 22 of youse got that!

Nine doffed a cap to Citeh’s 3-0 deconstruction of Spurs

5 got West Ham 3 Sheff Utd 0

Five more had Cardiff’s 3-1 win over Coventry

4 believed in Leicester. A 3-1 kinda belief…

Tony M, Reagon K & Sam O got Lincoln’s “Desmond” with Accrington Stanley

Danny A, Rowan M & Tom M got the dull-all at Pittodrie

Anders H & Steve M nabbed the form book upsetting WBA 1 Man Utd 1

Sam A & Lewis M got the 3 goal demolition of Livingston by Dundee Utd

Jason M & Paul C celebrated the bore draw between Brighton & Villa

John J & Justin C thrilled at the thrilling Norwich 4 Stoke 1

Lewis M (again) was well away with the 0-2 away win for Barnsley


However, this week’s best correct score goes to Julian Fernandez for his I-knew-my-bruv-would-get-this-the-polar-opposite-wrong inspired, Arsenal 4 Leeds Utd 2



Bet of the Week:

So, we’ve failed quite spectacularly in the last few seasons on this – actually, we’ve always failed.

But last season, we did alright. Welllllll, alright(ish)…


We’re being brave and we’re gonna stick with it to see how we go!


Whoever is on the “Bet of the Week” position for the following week will be asked to provide a treble selection so we can place the allocated £3 for the bet.

The winnings will stay on that slot and collected by the lucky person residing there at the end of Week 13.

Got that? No?!


The person on 11th will make the selections for Week 2, the person on 33rd in Week 2 will make the selections for Week 3,the person on 45th in Week 3 will make the selections for Week 4 and the person on 65th in Week 4 will make the selections for Week 5 and back round again to 11th…yeah?!


So, debutant Lewis Marriott is first up.

Lewis, I need your 3 selections by Friday please! It can be a home, away or draw. It doesn’t have to be football! It can be horses! Or dogs! Or fighting crickets! But not cricket…that’s a step too far!

Let’s get off to a winning start for a change.

No pressure…




Table News:

It’s Week 1 – it is what it is! Click here for the full table.

Please be aware we may lose some players but we may gain some – so if you know anyone out there who wants to get involved, put them in touch! It’s never too late…and we’re soooooo close to that magical 100 player benchmark, so go get ’em people!


PAS Champions League Knockout Stages 2020/21:

As you’re well aware we had to postpone last season’s competition at the quarter final stage.

We’re carrying them over to Lucky 13 Spring ’21


George Triantafillou v Tony Morris

Mark Seels v Jerry Storer

Ben McKeown v Arthur Harrison

Ric Pardoe v Paul Carter




Dates for your (next year) diaries – PAS CL Weeks

Quarter Finals 1st leg – Week 3
Quarter Finals 2nd leg –  Week 6
Semi Finals 1st leg –  Week 9
Semi Finals 2nd leg – Week 12
Final – the merry month of May (‘21)


PAS Cup 2021:

As you’re well aware we had to postpone last season’s competition at the quarter final stage.

We’re carrying them over to Lucky 13 Spring ’21


Neil Templeton v Dan Hogwood

Pab v Tony Morris

Jason Morris v George Triantafillou

Rob Currin v Angelo Harrop




Dates for your (next year) diaries – PAS Cup Weeks

Quarter Finals – Week 5
Semi Finals – Week 10
Final – the merry month of May (‘21)


PAS Euro 2021:

In order to be invited to enter the PAS Euro 2021 (with benefits! Read the rules…) you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is the reigning League champion…Danny Ashworth!


And Another Thing:

A lot of the payments have come in – thanks! Anyone who hasn’t got round to it, please do as soon as possible – don’t make me chase you!



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Wanna join?


Well, I send round reminders that you don’t have to check your email for.

Erm…some people are quite funny (some are annoying) & hopefully, we’ll get some good pics of away fans at games.

We will crush any “hilarious GIFs” though…

Plus, you can gloat when you land that 9 pointer in the 91st minute!

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