PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’20 Week 13 round up

“He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice…”


A Little Respect”:

You can tell it’s the holiday season – people put down crazy scores, crazy scores come in.

Mr 2-0 is oversubscribed as people “forget” or drift off into an alcoholic abyss with little chance of predicting succour.

Form goes out the window & “coupon busters” are celebrated by bookies across the country.

So how do you combat this perennial problem?

Don’t ask me, I had St Mirren v St Johnstone as 0-0 & West Brom to beat Villa 2-1…

However, as Aberdeen netted in the last minute (96th actually!) at Rugby Park (i’m ignoring its new name…), the miracle of Christmas left Greg F trailing in the wake of Martin Stafford 44 (8)

Welbeck, Wycombe and quintuplet of 5 correct scores in a row – ding, dong! (merrily on high)

Second weekly win of the season & 2nd Christmas (Week 13) in a row for Mr S…

I can just copy n paste this then –

“Sawreetferthee M, eeeyafflaff?!

Art suppin bowt?

Best use that twenty quid, eh?!”


Here’s the science bit – 26 of youse managed 25 points or more.


Merry Christmas!


Who Needs Love Like That”:

It’s Christmas, there are crazy scores expected and there’s last minute (online) shopping to be done.

Why bother doing your scores?

Matt W, Simon B, Darren McC, David G, Dom W, Hira Y & John J are wondering just that in a week where 12 bods only managed 15 points or less.

Someone who really didn’t have a Scooby this week was newbie Samantha Pillet 5 (0) – don’t run off scared Sam, come back brighter!



Correct Score of the Week:

I hate football…most popular score was Everton’s 2-1 win over Arsenal– 31 of youse got that! (grrrrrrr…)


Thirteen believed in Rangers. A 3-1 kinda belief…

10 just knew Reading would score against Brentford for a 3-1

Scott H, Andy F & Bijay L doffed a cap to Chelsea’s 3-0 deconstruction of West ‘Am

Nick H, Debbie L & Justin C were all over the Big Sam welcoming 0-3 to the Villa

Andy F (again) & Bry D landed on the two-two in Glasgow. The wrong side of Glasgow…

Gary McC obviously guessed Burnley would beat Wolves 2-1

Andy S will shout out loud about the humbling of Spurs by Leicester

Reagon K got the dull-all at Kenilworth Road



However, this week’s best correct score goes to Paul Vinson for his it’s-Christmas-this-may-well-be-a-cracker inspired, St Mirren 3 St Johnstone 2!




Bet of the Week:

George Triantafillou was on “Bet of the Week” position 65th in Week 12 so we asked him to provide a treble selection for the £3 “trixie” bet.

And guess what?!


He struck again!

Home wins for…
Swansea – yes!
Newcastle – no, damn that Scotty P!
Rangers – yes (after a scare!)



So, £1.87 goes on “Bet of the Week” slot 65th leaving it on a merry £3.93!



Great effort from all our BoTWers this season.

Say it quietly, but I think we may be onto something here…or not.




Table News:

Three crashed the Top Ten!



Highest climber this week, up a whopping 28 places is John King – honourable mentions go to Greg F (+20), and Harry H (+15)



Ship Of Fools:

Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 28 places is John Jennings – dishonourable mentions go to Pete H (-19), Hira Y (-14), and Simon B (-14)



Full season update is imminent once I can work out what day it is…


Actually, I’ll get it done before you go back to work – honest!


Then you can click here for further details…




PAS Champions League Knockout Stages 2020/21:

As you’re well aware we had to postpone last season’s competition at the quarter final stage.

We’re carrying them over to Lucky 13 Spring ’21


George Triantafillou v Tony Morris

Mark Seels v Jerry Storer

Ben McKeown v Arthur Harrison

Ric Pardoe v Paul Carter




Dates for your (next year) diaries – PAS CL Weeks

Quarter Finals 1st leg – Week 3
Quarter Finals 2nd leg –  Week 6
Semi Finals 1st leg –  Week 9
Semi Finals 2nd leg – Week 12
Final – the merry month of May (‘21)


PAS Cup 2021:

As you’re well aware we had to postpone last season’s competition at the quarter final stage.

We’re carrying them over to Lucky 13 Spring ’21


Neil Templeton v Dan Hogwood

Pab v Tony Morris

Jason Morris v George Triantafillou

Rob Currin v Angelo Harrop




Dates for your (next year) diaries – PAS Cup Weeks

Quarter Finals – Week 5
Semi Finals – Week 10
Final – the merry month of May (‘21)




And Another Thing:

“Southern Freeze 20+20” – John Rocca

“Carousels” – Doves

“Dark Matter” – Moses Boyd


Go buy ’em kids, if you can afford it!

Remember, Spotify is the devil…


Thank you for taking part in the weirdest season ever – we couldn’t do it without you!

Please come back soon. Very soon!

Actually, it will be mid-February – fear not, you’ll be getting a constant stream of reminders!

Oh, and bring some friends…


Special thanks to Dan & Dave once again for all their tireless work behind the scenes – they’ve been ironing out the glitches as always and looking how to improve your user experience…  : )


Prize Money Update  – League prize money will be paid out pronto! (Less your entry fee for next season, natch…)


Merry Christmas, now go wash your hands…