PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’20 Week 12 round up

“Did you know that Burnley consumes two thirds of the world’s supply of Benedictine? No, really. The East Lancs were stationed near the distillery during WW1. It was used as a hospital and the monks doled out the booze. Contrary to received wisdom that Benedictine is something you drink out of a bag on a park bench, it is actually a health giving elixir of 26 herbs. And brandy. The drink of choice at Turf Moor is “Bene n hot” – Benedictine, slice of lemon and hot water. Lovely. Like liquid Lockets. So we drink that, watch paint dry and abuse the neighbours. Just the same” – The Happy Place



Football is rubbish eh?

Bookselling sites are hosting whole evenings of viewing, no one can actually go to actual games anymore and VAR is doing it’s utmost to derail our beautiful game (PAS, not the game. Although…).

So predicting scores is taking one hell of a beating at the minute.

I may be wrong, but I think this week is the closest week ever in terms of players vying to win the £20 prize.

Twenty five players broke the 25 point mark and only, get this, 7 got over thirty points!

Danny A went close but he wasn’t really bothered, being top n all that.

Will O went closer but didn’t submit any Sunday scores (?!).

Dave C went really close but put his trust in the Gunners…

and, Tim P went really really close but didn’t register a single point after the Celtic game!

So, it turned out to be a London underdog day in the end!

Bijay Lama 35 (5) had it all to do (even missing one game!) and thanks to s sterling Fulham performance and a stirring Palace comeback, he netted the weekly win by one point thanks to both those unlikely 1-1 draws.

God bless ‘Dinium, eh?!

Merry Christmas Bijay!



Murphy’s Law”:

So 25 points was the heady heights.


Eleven punters got 15 points or less.


Six of youse didn’t manage a correct score, with Richard H & last week’s winner posting a measly 13 points each.

However, Covid won’t be the only topic of conversation in the households of  Nick Hogwood, John Jennings & George Triantafillou 11 (0)

Bah ‘umbug…



Correct Score of the Week:

Can’t wait til this is all over …most popular score was Norwich’s 1-2 win at Blackburn– 27 of youse got that!


Sixteen got Southampton 3 Sheff Utd 0

8 got the 1-3 Bees win over Forest

Gary B, Chris D & Justin C doffed a cap to Leicester’s 3-0 deconstruction of Brighton

Dave C, Bijay L & Gary McC said “Look at me! Yes! Me!” for their Bristol Rovers 3-0 Plymouth Argyle

Predictz & Bijay L (again!) saw their typo come good on the game at Craven Cottage

Neil O & Chris B got the dull-all at Derby

Tim P was all over the south Wales derby 0-2 to Swansea

Danny A revelled in the schadenfreude of Villa’s late late show

Neil O (again!) got 3 goal demolition of Millwall by Middlesbro



However, this week’s best correct score goes to Andy Smith for his choose-Scotland-choose-Edinburgh-choose-the-team-with-the-best-kit-in-all-the-leagues inspired, Hamilton 0 Hibs 4




Bet of the Week:

George Triantafillou was on “Bet of the Week” position 45th in Week 11 so we asked him to provide a treble selection for the £3 “trixie” bet.

And guess what?!


Celtic 3-0 – not quite

Arsenal 2-0 – not at all

Liverpool 0-3 – not in a million years…



So, £0 goes on “Bet of the Week” slot 45th leaving it on a nice £6!  Go 45!



George Triantafillou is at 65th this week…so he gets to redeem himself!

Georgie, I need your 3 team treble by Friday lunchtime please – gonna go for some Aussie rules games?!!




Table News:

Something More:

Danny Ashworth stays top, now a title winning 16 points clear of Pete B who in turn is seventeen points ahead of Paul S in third – there’s people on the pitch…(yawn)


One (!) crashed the Top Ten.


Evil Eyes:

Darren McCarthy remains rock bottom, still five points behind Stuart F who, in turn, is 3 points off Rob C




Highest climber this week, up a whopping 24 places is Tim Payne – honourable mentions go to Will O (+20), Bijay L (+20), and Charlie H (+18).




Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 20 places is George Triantafillou – dishonourable mentions go to John J (-17), Howard T (-16), and Richard H (-16)



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PAS Champions League Knockout Stages 2020/21:

As you’re well aware we had to postpone last season’s competition at the quarter final stage.

We’re carrying them over to Lucky 13 Spring ’21


George Triantafillou v Tony Morris

Mark Seels v Jerry Storer

Ben McKeown v Arthur Harrison

Ric Pardoe v Paul Carter




Dates for your (next year) diaries – PAS CL Weeks

Quarter Finals 1st leg – Week 3
Quarter Finals 2nd leg –  Week 6
Semi Finals 1st leg –  Week 9
Semi Finals 2nd leg – Week 12
Final – the merry month of May (‘21)


PAS Cup 2021:

As you’re well aware we had to postpone last season’s competition at the quarter final stage.

We’re carrying them over to Lucky 13 Spring ’21


Neil Templeton v Dan Hogwood

Pab v Tony Morris

Jason Morris v George Triantafillou

Rob Currin v Angelo Harrop




Dates for your (next year) diaries – PAS Cup Weeks

Quarter Finals – Week 5
Semi Finals – Week 10
Final – the merry month of May (‘21)




And Another Thing:

“Weird Fishes” – Lianne La Havas

“Rose Rouge” – Jorja Smith

“Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun” – Mattiel


Go buy ’em kids, if you can afford it!

Remember, Spotify is the devil…


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