PAS update – please read!


Hope you’re all well, fit & healthy – it’s been emotional, eh?

And don’t talk to me about hair…



We’ve thought long and hard at PAS Towers about how we finish the season and now we’ve decided…


I can officially reveal that PAS Lucky 13 Spring ’20 is null & void.

The table will stay on the site for posterity and the league leader of “The Season That Never Was” will be awarded a “ghost trophy” to mark the occasion. Congrats, Hira! You’ve won the “ghost” prize money too!

Ditto for the person propping up the league (that was close Frankie!) – you’ll get a “ghost spoon”. (Un)Lucky you.

So, where does that leave us?


PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’20

We’ll start PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’20 as usual, once all the leagues confirm when next season will officially start.

I propose we carry all the entry money (and prize money!) over, meaning you’ll only have to pay around half the usual entry fee for next season…


PAS Lucky 13 Spring ’20 entry fee money

If anyone would like their money back now, we can pro-rata the amount you get refunded.

Then, if you join again for next season, it’ll be the usual twenty quid…


PAS Cup 2020

At the start PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’20 we will conclude PAS Cup 2020 from the quarter finals stage


PAS Champions League 2019-20

At the start PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’20 we will conclude PAS Champions League 2020 from the quarter finals stage


It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but in the end probably the fairest, as it will be like starting from scratch from a “virtual” pre-season.

No form to go off, no crowds, no real “home” advantage, no idea on fitness, no way of knowing if “safe teams” will bother to compete and no guarantee once it starts, it will actually finish…

Apologies if this isn’t the outcome you wanted – let’s hope we can get back to normal pretty soon.

Or at least, have a new normal.

Or a “not quite normal, but one where things can still happen on a regular basis…”


Stay safe, be sensible and tell the racists to f*ck off.