PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’18 Week 8 round up

“We’re gonna score 5 more than you…”


It’s Real”: The What’s App group was alight with groans & moans, near misses and last minute heartbreak as International Week wreaked its merry hell once again!

The more seasoned players yearned for the days of yore when it was pretty much nailed on you’d grab a brace of 5-0s. Well, at least one 4-0.

Now it’s all different!

There’s a new crowd in town, there are no easy games and the new PASers are changing it up & adapting!

19 players managed a respectable 30 points or more (* bow *) with Rob C, Mike K, Martin S & Clare T all staking claims to the £20 weekly prize.

But, with a very creditable 40+ tally, Andy Kelly 45 (8) struck a blow for the newcomers as his 2nd season starts to pay dividends.

And putting the Old Guard in their place to boot…

Viva la difference!


Out Of Tune”: Oooof – the old skool got got!

Seventeen people notched up 20 points or less with Alex T having the ignominy of being the only person not to get a correct score.


One original PASer (I won’t name you Jamie S) had his blushes saved courtesy of Patricia Fernandez 11 (1) continuing her mission for another wooden spoon.

To be fair, she does actually buy them for me, so…


Correct Score of the Week:

Didn’t we do well…most popular score was Eng-er-land’s 2-1 win over Croatia– 41(!) of us got that!

Ten got the very annoying last minute spoiling Germany 2 Holland 2

9 got the 4 goal Macedonia demolition of Gibraltar

Seven got the dull-all in Andorra

Jazz S, Paul S & Mike K got Kosovo’s thrashing of Azerbaijan

Martin S & Moi got the (most excellent) bore draw between Italy & Portugal

Will O & Mike K (again!) got the thrilling Scotland 3 Israel 2

Darren McC got San Marino 0 Moldova 1

Howard T got Denmark 0 Ireland 0. Then sobbed a little bit as he thought of those poor souls who were actually there.

Andy F got Kosovo’s 0-5 deconstruction of Malta


However, this week’s best correct score goes to Joe Shore for his I-study-numbers-for-living inspired, Liechtenstein 2 Armenia 2!



Bet of the Week:

We’ve changed it up!

Pete B was on “Bet of the Week” position 45th in Week 7 so we asked him to provide three results for our “trixie” £3 bet.

And guess what?!

We lost. Again.    : (

3 draws

Albania v Scotland (after that early sending off…)

Italy v Portugal (got the point need *smiley face*)

Turkey v Sweden (Hmmmmm, how did that happen?)


So, £0 goes on “Bet of the Week” slot 45th leaving it on £0…oops!


Debbie Lee, you’re up next! I need your 3 team treble by Friday please!



Table News:


Easy”:  Neil Osborne stays top of the table increasing his lead to 12 points ahead of Scott H, who in turn is 1 correct score ahead of Jack B in third.


Three crashed the Top Ten.


Talking Backwards”:  Patricia Fernandez drops one place to the bottom, seven points behind Alex R who in turn is 2 points off Frankie F…


Darling”:  Highest climber this week, up a whopping 25 places is Clare Templeton – honourable mentions go to Kyle B (+20), Me (+20), Andy K (+18), Chris D (+18), Dave C (+14) and Will O (+14)


Stained Glass”: Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 23 places is Jamie Sellers – dishonourable mentions go to Alex T (-22), Joe M (-21), Debbie L (-19), Reagon K (-12), Neil T (-12), Neil C (-11) and Stephen P (-11)


Click here for further details…



PAS Champions League 2017/18 Knockout Stages:

Matchday 4 Group games went ahead this week…

It was really exciting! Honest!


We had 9 successful jokers! 2 really successful jokers! 2 hammerings! 1 close game! 2 heartbreakers! And, 6 away wins!


One won their game with 21 points & 1 lost their games with 33 points!


I got a stay of execution but Simon B & Jerry S are out…


Congratulations to Martin S & Kyle B who’ve already made it through to the knockout stages next year!


Full fixtures & results can be found here


Dates for your diaries – PAS CL Weeks

Matchday 5 – Week 10
Matchday 6 – Week 12


PAS Cup 2018:

In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2019, you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play.

Currently sneaking the last spot is the Geordie in the Jungle…Chris Dixon!



And Another Thing:

So, is winning the Nations League a thing?!



+++Statto Corner+++

13% of people correctly thought Holland would win at home (v France) !
98% thought Belgium would beat Iceland at home!
Less than 5% thought Croatia would beat Spain at home!

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