PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’16 Week 2 round up



Insane In The Brain”:

There’ll be dancing on the streets of Whitefield this week! Not because the Tesco have still got Marmite , more cos the Syndicate now has its own PAS record holder! Fifty nine players got over 30 points this week! Yeah, mad eh?!

25 got over forty points!! Ten of you scored over 50 points!!!

And two managed the fabled heights of 60 points or more!!!

Aussie PayPal maestro George T must have had the prawns defrosting & the Fosters on ice when he totted up a massive 60 (7). Bonzer!  (he probably didn’t think to himself…)

Strewth swiftky ensued though, as, with 5 correct scores amounting to an unbelievable 38 points, Mark Seels 64 (8) has the total respect of his peers by setting a new PAS record for points in a week.

Congrats Seelsy, one to tell the 5-a-side boys once you’re back from injury ? Not back yet? Well, you’ve got £20 now towards the physio bill…




Hits From The Bong”:

Back in May 1978, Roger Osborne beat Pat Jennings in the FA Cup Final and then collapsed…

]38 years later, a collapse once again unites a Jennings & an Osborne! (see what I did there?)

John Jennings & Neil Osborne 22 (1) quite unbelievably finished bottom of the pile with a normally respectable score that back in the day represented the average score to finish in the Top Ten!





Correct Score of the Week:

Crazy scores, crazy predictions, crazy points scored – most popular score was Norn Iron’s 4-0 win over San Marino – 28 of youse got that!

18 got the 4-0 in Estonia. When they beat Gibraltar.

17 got the 10 point 0-6 between Gibraltar & Belgium.

15 got Germany’s fine win at the expense of Czech Republic.

13 got the ten points on offer from Portugal 6-0 Andorra.

6 nailed Wales away draw in Vienna.

Five got Ireland’s 1-3 defeat of Moldova.

5 came good with 10 points for Faroe Islands 0 Portugal 6.

4 got Belgium’s 4-0 hammering of Bosnia

Me, Mark S & Dan H got the 3-0 between Sweden & Bulgaria.

Matt W, Norman L & Richard H got Holland 4 Belarus 1.

Ricki M (welcome!), Ross B & Simon Lindq got France 4-1 Bulgaria.

Neil T & George T just knew it would be 0-0 between Slovenia & England.

James L & Dave C smashed in Oxford 1 Wimbledon 3

However, this week’s best correct score, goes to Andy Fowler for his savvy, Wales 1 Georgia 1!




Bet of the Week:

So, the “system” spat out 3 draws that were the most popular among the 93 of you who entered predictions and guess what?!

We lost! Not the most auspicious of starts…


52% Holland V France – Paul P starts to revv up…

35% Oxford V Wimbledon – MK who?!

35% Blackpool V Cambridge – we got this one!

So, £0 goes on “Bet of the Week” slot 11th. Hmmmm, we will persist…!




Table News:

The Phuncky Feel One“: Mark Seels moves up 17 places to go 11 points ahead of old team mate Pete B who in turn is one point ahead of Norman L in third.

Loads crashed the Top Ten.




Lick A Shot“: Ooops! Ian Pratt goes up five places but remains bottom of the pile (yeah, we lost a few people from last week!) 4 points behind Martin S who in turn is 2 points off Brett A.




The Funky Cypress Hill Sh*t“: Highest climber this week, up a whopping 74 places is George Triantafillou – honourable mentions go to Norman L (+37), Peter M (+33), Jason M (+48), Simon Lindq (+62), Ricki M (+39), Jazz S (+61), Sam C (+57), Matt W (+65), El Presidente (+45), Ross B (+39), Dan H (+34) and Rowan M (+33)




I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That“: Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 46 places is Bry Derbyshire – dishonourable mentions go to John J (-25), Neil O (-41), Bill P (-25), Ben McK (-39), Gary B (-25), Mark J B (-41), Dan P (-34), Patricia F (-30), Simon B (-34) and Jim B (-29)



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PAS Cup 2017:

In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2017 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is…the predicting site, Predictz!








PAS Champions League 2016/17 Group Stages: Matchday 1 games kick off next week…

Full fixture list can be found here


Dates for your diaries – PAS CL Weeks

Matchday 2 – Week 5
Matchday 3 – Week 7
Matchday 4 – Week 9
Matchday 5 – Week 11
Matchday 6 – Week 13





And Another Thing:

Lots of payments have come in – thanks! Anyone who hasn’t got round to it, i’m naming & shaming next week…




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