PAS Lucky 13 Spring ’16 final table round up!

Final Table News:

“The Bomb”: It was one hell of a ding dong at the top for pretty much the whole season but it was a real dark horse that ultimately timed his run on the rails to perfection! He started way down in 65th, climbed to 28th, then back into mid table mediocrity until Week 6.

Once ensconced in the Top 20, he gradually went up to 13 – only to drop in Week 8 to the hellish depths of seventeenth! (God, imagine…57th was a dream for me!)

However, a recovery up to 10th was cemented and once he hit the Top 10 in Week 9 he stayed there!

Climbing to 6th, then 3rd before a slight blip down to 4th…and then –

Hats off & congrats to Danny Ashworth 314 (42) – you’re a winner!

Danny ended on a 3 point lead over another dark horse (with the same moniker) Dan Pelgrom in second place, (who, impressively,  wasn’t out the Top 11 after Week 3!) who in turn finished 5 points ahead of Nick Hogowood in third place. Another dark horse, who isn’t called Dan (but has a son who is), left it late to crash the Top 10 but hung in there from Week 9. A fine season for 2nd & 3rd as they are currently contesting the PAS Cup Final too…

Just two correct scores further behind, Tony Bowley & Pete Britton  couldn’t be separated right up to the end after a whole season of being side by side (usually in the Top 3) finishing in fourth spot with now perennial prize money botherer, Peter Morley scooping 6th place just another 3 points shy. A nice add to his PAS Cup semi-final appearance.

Old skooler Charlie Harris & syndicate topboy Jason Morris were another duo who couldn’t be split in 7th just another three points behind. A nice add for Jason too, after a PAS Cup semi-final appearance…

Only another three points behind, newcomer John King finished in ninth (a fine debut sir!) and another 1 point back, another newbie Lee Ford (another fine debut sir!) landed in 10th place netting the last of the “big prizes”courtesy of a measly 5 correct scores… *smiley face*


“Danger UXB”: You have to say even our champion couldn’t possibly be more happier then the rest of us to see  Mr 2-0 189 (11) rooted to the bottom 8 points adrift of the field. Our fictional foe takes the wooden spoon much to the relief of myself as it’s saved me having to “make” another wooden spoon…(you can’t give it to someone who doesn’t exist can you?! Can you?)

Anders H & Juian F made gallant efforts over the season to save Mr 2-0’s blushes but to no avail – good lads!


Spot Prizers: OK, YOU have finished on these positions and you HAVE won those prizes!

Scott Harrison on 11th, Dave Nicklin on 12th, Kate Hopper on 17th, Sam Craig on 25th, Savan Arora on 33rd, Predictz on 34th, Alex Taylor on 38th, Gary Blackburne on 49th, Shashi Arora on 60th, Debbie Lee on 67th, Moi on 78th, Sophie Bracegirdle on 80th & Julian Fernandez on 82nd.


click here to view the full table & to see how much you won!

*** all prize money will be winging its way over this weekend (less your PAS Euro ’16 entry fee) – promise! ***


And Another Thing: The other little bits…

Sam Craig picked up an additional £11 for getting the Best Weekly Score of the Season –  44(7)


Rich Lee picked up £8 for getting the Best Correct Score of the Season – Chelsea 5 Man City 1.

PAS Euro 2016? Congratulations to Jamie Sellers for sneaking the last spot (rules, entry fee details & scoresheets coming soon!)



Thanks again to all for taking time and bothering to enter, we couldn’t do it without you!

And a final big thank you to Dave N & Dan H for providing all the behind the scenes techky stuff to enable another great (relatively glitch free!) season…check the new “feel” on the site! Apparently it’s absolutely mint now for mobile users…nope, me neither.

See you in June!