PAS Lucky 13 Spring ’16 Week 1 round up

Lazurus”: Many moons ago (1994 actually) I was nervously prepping for my best man’s speech trying hard to find that balance between witty & smutty, factual & fabricated and sincere & piss take. Turns out I was fabulous but it was the summing up that really caught everyone’s attention – something along the lines of “may your union last as long as humans have belly buttons, rain in Manchester and bacon in Denmark (don’t ask)…” But the real coup de grace of sentiment came in the last line “or as long as it takes Sp*rs to win the League!” The applause was deafening.

My mate got divorced last September…

Anyway, others feeling the dread weight of Sp*rs re-emergence were our numerous City fans – a bad couple of weeks for the club That Ruined Football (TM)  culminated in a comprehensive defeat at the hands of our friends from The Lane. However, one of them, Pete Britton 36 (6) had reason to afford a smile as he picked up the first weekly £20 of the season not least thanks to a dubious decision wiping out a Jordan Rhodes strike in the (old skool) Yorkshire derby!

Well done Pierre, with me winning two prizes on your wonderful “Dream Team” game already this season, people will begin to talk…

Black Star”: Do you like betting? Do you? Feel like you’re a mug punter awash in a sea of stats & experts? Ever thought that even a little bit of research might improve your chances??

Well Predictz 6 (0) tells you otherwise this week! The “go to” site for all things football predictions ( got it horribly wrong in Week 1 to the extent of giving Debbie L a run for her wooden spoon! (Actually Debbie got 16 points this week – in context, that’s like you or I getting 100 points. Well, maybe not me. Or Gary B. Or Rowan M. Or Neil T. Or…

Correct Score of the Week:

Quite a few correct scores knocking about in a generally poor scoring week… most popular score was Arsenal’s 2-1 last gasp defeat of Leicester – 17 of youse got that!

12 got the ol’ 1-2 at the Etihad

5 got the dull all between Charlton & Cardiff.

Dave C/Clare T/Chris D got the “Desmond” involving Norwich & Charlton.

Howard T & Pete B got Brighton’s, erm,  shellacking of Bolton?

Dave N & Clare T (again!) got the 0-0 in’t Rothrum

Chris D (again!) got M K Dons’s lovely little 0-1 at Derby

Pete B (again!) got the bore draw Leeds 0 Boro 0

Jason M somehow managed to pull out Hamilton 0 Dundee Utd 0!

However, this week’s best correct score, and therefore best correct of the season so far, goes to Rich Lee for his South Yorkshire inspired, Sheff Wed 4 Brentford 0.

Bet of the Week: We got a new system. We tested it last season. It works. We actually won some money to swell the “BotW” prize slots! And, best of all, you don’t have to do anything at all (well, except put your predictions in on time!)

We’re going again in Week 2!

Expect the bookies to be cowering from our £3 trixie!


Table News:

It’s Week 1 – it is what it is! Click here for the full table

Please be aware we may lose some players but we may gain some – so if you know anyone out there who wants to get involved, put them in touch!

PAS Champions League 2015/16 Knockout Stages: Last 16 1st leg games kick off in Week 3…

Full draw can be found here

Dates for your diaries – PAS CL Weeks

Last 16 2nd leg – Week 5
Quarter Finals 1st leg – Week 7
Quarter Finals 2nd leg – Week 9
Semi Finals 1st leg – Week 11
Semi Finals 2nd leg – Week 13
Final – the merry month of May (‘16)

PAS Cup 2016: Aaahhhh the magic of the Cup! It all starts next week!

Full set of fixtures can be found here

Second round draw coming soon!

Dates for your diaries – PAS Cup Weeks

Last 16 – Week 6
Quarter Finals – Week 8
Semi Finals – Week 12
Final – the merry month of May (‘16)

PAS Euros 2016:

In order to be invited to enter the PAS Euros (with a reduced entry fee & a designated team to win you extra points!) you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is…!

And Another Thing:

Nearly all the payments have come in – thanks! Anyone who hasn’t got round to it, please do as soon as possible – don’t make me chase you!

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