PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’15 Week 3 round up

Smart Thing”:

There’ll be dancing on the streets of L6, Kirkby & um, Dubai this week! Not because Romelu has scored another correct score winning goal (it was Naismith this week!), more cos ex-Guardian Scouse favourite has come good! Mark J Brown 52(6) missed the first 4 games (!) but picked up 18 points from 2 games over the duration that ultimately put him way in front of the peleton gathered on the mid-to-late forties mark (yes, you Charlie H, Tony D & Rowan M!)

Congrats lah, £20 towards shipping a cheesy nudger from Greggs over to the Middle East?!




Really really not the week to lose ground! So not getting 20 or more points was always gonna put a real dampener on proceedings…

Neil Osborne 18 (0) really should be in your thoughts as you look down on him with your 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 correct scores… let’s hope he nailed an acca with the bookies then!




Correct Score of the Week:

“I was ONE goal out of 17 results this week….” Yeah, yeah, yeah –  you, me & 80 others mate…  – most popular score was Eng-er-land’s 0-3 win in the town of Lithuania – 23 of youse got that!

Sixteen got Austria 3 Liechtenstein 0

13 got Spain’s 4-0 deconstruction by a million passes of Luxembourg

11 had Belgium to beat Israel three goals to one

6 got pompey’s 1-3 win at Cambridge & six more have Steven effing Naismith to thank for Scotland’s 0-6 in Spa, i mean, Gibraltar.

Five got the 2-2 thriller at Gigg Lane & 5 more got the Azzuri’s 1-3 win in the often misplet Azerbaijan

4 got the 3-2 at Bramall Lane

Rob C / Dave N / Richard H got the 2-2 between Yeovil & Dagenham.

Josh H & Charlie H made us all green by happening upon Switzerland 7 San Marino 0

Mark F kinda guesshed Holland 2-3 Czech Republic

However, this week’s best correct score, goes to Tony Davenport for his sending off assisted shock, Crawley 3 Orient 2!



Bet of the Week:


Erm, cos it was such a fractured week I decided to put 3 draws on off my own scores, and erm, only one came in? Soz…

Back to normal this wee, we will persist…!



Table News:

Performance“: Peter Morley stays top 3 points ahead of Andy C who in turn is five points ahead of newcomer Tony D in third.

Mark J B & newcomer Neil H crash the Top Ten.



Framed“: Debbie Lee slips down 2 places to the bottom two points behind Norman L who in turn is 1 correct score off Ben McK.



House On Fire“: Highest climber this week, up a whopping 46 places is Mark J Brown – honourable mentions go to Jazz S (+30), Charlie H (+43), Rowan M (+34), Tony M (+22), Dan P (+23), Josh H (+21) and Dan H (+24)



Swam Out“: Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 38 places is Neil Osborne – dishonourable mentions go to Shashi A(-21), newcomer James S (-27), Neil T (-26), James C (-30), Mark S (-23), Jason M (-26) and George T (-22)

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PAS Cup 2016:

In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2016 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is…the Woking Viking, Simon Lindquist!


PAS Champions League 2015/16:

We continue…

Matchday 2 fixtures & Week 1 results can be found here


And Another Thing:

All payments have come in – thanks!

That’s it for this week – oh, you on Twitter yet? Noticed anything?? It was all over the place this week eh???! Dan has reined it back in and looked it in a dark room to calm down….sorry about that followers!!

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