PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’14 Week 7 round up

In For The Kill”: Howay! There must be something in the water in the north east as Dave N put a big score in (insert your “it’s a fix! gag here) trying to secure his first weekly win in many a moon. However, Darlo boy Ben McKeown 42 (5) just edged him out of the £20 slot with more than a little help from his 9 pointer correct score of the week! Congrats mate, you can but some “Pardew in” banners now. Or a top without “Wonga” on it. Or a Rangers top…


Let Me Down Gently”: Whatever IS in the Toon water supply, Jon Tofeili 13 (0) obviously wasn’t imbibing it this week as he turned from hero to zero in a mere 7 days! Mind you, Gary Blackburne & Josh Hirst joined him for good measure…


Correct Score of the Week: Hands up if you hate “international” week… – most popular score was Czech Rep’s 2-1 win over Iceland – 17 of youse got that!

16 got the 3-0 in Spain – sixteen more got Ukraine’s 0-3 v Luxembourg.

5 got England’s 3-1 defeat of Slovenia.

Four got the 4-0 between Germany & Gibraltar.

3 got Turkey 3 – 1 Kazakhstan and three more got the 4-0 for Switzerland…

Steve M got Bulgaria 1 Malta 1, and Ben McK had Swindon beating Bristol City 1-0.

Dave N got Belgium 0 Wales 0 and then followed that up with Serbia 1 Denmark 3.

However, this week’s best correct score goes to Ben McKeown for his minnow-knowing, Cyprus 5 Andorra 0.


Bet of the Week:

Votes: 39

Selections: Spain 64% / Holland 77% / Bulgaria 54%

Prize Slot: 45th

Returns: £1.43.

Back in the game! But how did Bulgaria let us down???!

Don’t forget to cast your vote EVERY week and make sure you do it by 10am Saturday!



Table News:

Bulletproof“: Dan Hogwood moves up 2 places to the top (insert your “it’s a fix!” comments here) opening up an 11 point lead over Richard H who in turn is 6 points ahead of David G in third.

No one crashed the Top Ten…


Uptight Downtown“: Yikes! Donna Edmead stays in last spot but now only two points behind Reda A who in turn is 4 points away from Debbie L…


As If By Magic“: Highest climbers this week, up a whopping 28 places are Pete Britton & Ben McKeown – honourable mentions go to Dave N (+27), Neil M (+17), Simon Lindq (+15) and Graham E (+16).


Quicksand“: Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 18 places is Jon Tofeili – dishonourable mentions go to Norman L (-12), Shashi A (-11), Gary B (-16), Rowan M (-12) and Josh H (-15).


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PAS Cup 2015: In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2015 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is…man-about-Croydon, Will Oppong!


PAS Champions League 2014/15:

It all starts to get good in the battle to secure qualification to the knockout stages – Matchday 4 fixtures can be found here


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