PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’14 Week 2 round up

Had To Hear”: You’d think scoring 45 points would secure a weekly win wouldn’t you? But no, Neil O, it doesn’t. So, then you’d think getting 49(!) points would win you £20 yeah? Well no, actually, Kate H. It’s about being even better than that…

David Goggin 63 (9) pulled out the best weekly tally in PAS history to make his £10 intro entry stake seem like a very good investment indeed! Well done David, it’ll take some beating…


Hostiles”: Oh dear! I think the time difference in Australia was playing havoc with Paul Carter 13 (0) as he brings shame to all Poms abroad. Get yeself on walkabout mate, clears the mind apparently…


Correct Score of the Week: Another round of fine predicting – most popular score was Spain’s win in the principality of Luxemborg – 26 of us got that!

19 got the 5-0 at Wemberlee, 10 got Norway’s 0-3 v Malta and 6(!!!) got Belgium’s 6-0 against Andorra.

Chris M (welcome!), Olly O & David N (welcome too!) got the 2-2 between Poland & Scotland.

Simon Linds & David G got Holland 3 Kazakhstan 1 (how?!)

David G (again!) & Francesca F got Republic of Ireland 7 Gibraltar 0.

Martin S (welcome back!) got Liechtenstein 0 Montenegro 0 and John H had Italy 2 Azerbaijan 1.

However, this week’s best correct score, and new best correct score of the season, goes to Douglas “The Pug” Hogwood for his barking (see what I did there?!), Germany 1 Ireland 1 (!!).


Bet of the Week:

Votes: 33

Selections: Hol v Kaz 34% /Ire v Gib 27% /Bel v And 24%

Prize Slot: 33rd

Returns: £6.35. Good work people – we’re up & running!

Don’t forget to cast your vote EVERY week and make sure you do it by 10am Saturday!



Table News:

The Best Day“: Unsurprisingly David Goggin moves up 13 places to go 19 points (!) ahead of Kate H who in turn is 2 points ahead of Neil O in third.


Where No Eagles Fly“: Ooops! Jon Tofeili goes down 2 places to the bottom of the pile two points behind Paul C & Donna E.


Happy Idiot“: Highest climber this week, up a whopping 45(!) places is Tony Morris – honourable mentions go to Arthur H (+42), Dan P (+35), Francesca F (+34), Norman L (+33) and Olly O (+32)


This Is Not About Us“: Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 42 places is Adhnan Zuel – dishonourable mentions go to Gary B (-40), Neil M (-39), Shashi A (-39), Neil B (-39) and Dave N (-38)

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PAS Cup 2015:

In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2015 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is…the Yam Yam Gooner, Rob Currin.


PAS Champions League 2014/15:

We’re off! Some big scores, a few heartbreakers, only 3 away wins, no draws and a tight Geordie derby settled by a “joker”…

Matchday 1 fixtures & results can be found here


And Another Thing:

Lots of payments have come in – thanks! Anyone who hasn’t got round to it, i’m naming & shaming next week…

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Why don’t you be ultra-modern and use your phone to submit your scores!

Dan H has worked tirelessly to enable & improve access via mobile devices so it’d be rude not to…and i’m told it’s easy peasy to do!

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