PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’14 update


I’m counting on 66 regulars playing again this season and so far we have 7 newbies or blasts from the past now in the fold.

Good work people, let’s see if we can get even more bods involved!

We start on the first weekend of October – the Week 1 scoresheet is now live if fancy sticking in some scores early doors…

We need your money! If you’ve paid already, we salute you…if you haven’t, here’s how to pay –

1) It’s £23 or £10 if you’re a newcomer (we’ve got 4 of those so far)

2) Ideally you’ll go online to your bank and e-transfer your entry fee over to me…


4) please leave your name as a reference so I can keep track of who has paid  : )


5) still rocking old skool behaviour? Send a cheque made payable to me


6) Paypal! Email me & i’ll send you a request for the funds but please be aware it’ll probably cost you a bit more for the conversion/commission cost Paypal sticks on

7) Now got out & find another person to join – the more in the pot, the more prizes we got!