PAS Lucky 13 Winter ’14 is here! Now you’ve got to pay for it…


Countdown is commencing…enjoy this trip!

We start on the first weekend of October – the Week 1 scoresheet is now live if fancy sticking in some scores early doors…

We need your money! Here’s how to pay –

1) It’s £23 or £10 if you’re a newcomer (we’ve got 4 of those so far)

2) Ideally you’ll go online to your bank and e-transfer your entry fee over to me…


4) please leave your name as a reference so I can keep track of who has paid  : )


5) still rocking old skool behaviour? Send a cheque made payable to me


6) Paypal! Email me & i’ll send you a request for the funds but please be aware it’ll probably cost you a bit more for the conversion/commission cost Paypal sticks on

7) Now got out & find another person to join – the more in the pot, the more prizes we got!