PAS Champions League ’14/’15 – you ready?


PAS begins very soon and you, dear people, are the current cream of the crop!

Are you ready to play?

The Champions League groups are here

The fixtures are here (check out the north east derby in Group A to kick things off!)

Please let me know if you DON’T want to take your place as we have a big queue waiting in the wings…

Remember there’s already £100 in the pot so the prizes next May should be pretty decent (providing you get that far!)

Entry fee is £23 and details of how to pay will be filling your inbox on a very regular basis in the coming weeks : )

Oh, and I need you to introduce a newbie (for a tenner!) so email me their details ASAP please – you MUST be able to get family member/friend/work colleague you can rope in!

Come on – don’t be going all shy on me now…