Lucky 13 Winter ’14

Forget about those silly fantasy games – P-A-S is back! Fully online!
New improved site! Play from your mobile! No more Word docs!!!

Lucky 13 Winter ‘14 starts on weekend 3rd-5th October 2014! If you’re a newcomer (hola!) or a regular (welcome back!), check out our site – all you need to know is here & (ahem) hopefully it will all make sense…

Mail me here so I can add you to the list – the more, the merrier, the more money in the kitty to be won!

We need new blood to kick start taking our beautiful game to the masses and we also need to fund the remarkable research & development that takes place behind the scenes courtesy of Dan & Dave. We also need to pay for domain names, feeds, servers & all that other boring but necessary stuff that makes our online offering so bloomin’ ace!

Introduce someone new or entice someone (who has been away for a while) back into the fold and you’ll earn a discounted entry fee!

Entry fee will be £23 for the PAS Lucky 13 Winter ‘14 season

Introduce a player and it comes down to £16.50 each

Add another person and its £14.33 each & so on…

So, basically £10 entry fee per new person that you introduce – or you can divide up the total as above. Or you pay £10 and get them to pay £23…you decide!

P-A-S rocks! Don’t take my word for it, check these testimonials…

“I play P-A-S and i’m not mental” – K Charters
“I put Palace to win every game. Sometimes they do. It’s all about the long game” – G Blackburn
“I was sooooo excited and giddy about playing the legendary PAS I wet myself…” – L Gray
“I know about football and I know PAS not only enhances your judgement for fixed odds betting it can be a considerable source of income in itself” – J Sain
“I’m a girl and even I won a weekly prize – so two fingers up to you tw*tty boys who think you know everything!” – M Webster
“I just threw dice for my scores and finished bottom – I don’t recommend this” – A Bennet- Dawson
“I used to play religiously every season and now I live in Australia!” – J Fonas
“Don’t let your heart rule your head – Celtic always win 3-0 – it’s a nailed on 5 pointer” – C O’McGoldrick “Och, I did my best to scupper your game last season, you have to say I made it entertaining!” – D Moys

Anyway… The season is up and running, so time to start honing those footie predicting skills, watching every game on telly, swotting up on the reports in the papers, poring over the league tables and ignoring every single “tip of the week” from the pro punters – enjoy!

MAIL ME BACK here IF YOU WANT TO BE INVOLVED and let me know of any “new” players by giving me their name & email address.

Cheers, Pab