PAS World Cup Semi Finals round up



The latest table can be found here – Jason Morris (Germany) surges to the top on the crest of the Teutonic tsunami that swept the Joga Bonita into oblivion – phew – much to the chagrin of Neil T (anti Argentina) who is now 3 points behind someone with 5 correct scores less than him – “Deutschland über alles” indeed!

And to cap it all, Tony M (anti South Korea) falls to third a further 5 points away with sibling rivalry reaching boiling point with Neil T stuck in the middle knowing his “bonus” points can now only do him harm…mad!

Richard H (France) crashes the Top 8 in eighth but it really looks like our winner will now come from the Top 3.


Mr 2-0 goes down 2 places to the bottom of the table with Sam Arora (anti Mexico) one point above him and Gary Blackburne (Honduras) a further correct score further on. Ladies & gentlemen, the epic battle is going to the wire…


Highest climber is Norman Lee (anti Brazil +17) with special mentions to Vim G, Simon B & Jack B – biggest faller was Tony Bowley (ant Spain -6)…


The prize money is also displaying on the table but it can also be found here 


So, we continue into the Final (and 3rd place) – fixtures are up for you to start predicting (first game is 9pm today!).


My sorry performance goes on unabated & now the faint glimmer of hope that was the shard of light emanating from the shiny draw bowls of the Champions League Group stages has been extinguished….woe is me (sob) and I can’t even blame Spain!


Anyway, best correct score of the tournament so far is Yours Truly for my how-did-he-clear-THAT-off-the-line-in-the-last-minute, Holland 0 Costa Rica 0


Julian F got Japan 1 Colombia 4

Jon T & Clare T got Belgium 0 USA 0

Seven got Argentina 0 Holland 0

18 got France 3 Honduras 0 & eleven got Chile 3 Australia .

Seven got Japan 0 Greece 0 & 7 more got Brazil 3 Croatia 1.

Five got Bosnia 3 Iran 1, 5 more Iran 0 Nigeria 0 and four got Australia 0 Spain 3.

Will O, Shashi A & Frankie F got Colombia 3 Greece 0.

Simon Linds & Reda A got USA 2 Portugal 2 (boo!), Paul V & Reda A (again!) got Argentina 3 Nigeria 2 and Steve T & Shashi A (again!) got Cameroon 1 Brazil 4.

Jamie Sellers got Honduras 0 Switzerland 3 and Mark J Brown got Croatia 1 Mexico 3.