PAS World Cup Last 16 round up



The latest table can be found here – Tony Morris (anti South Korea) jumps up 3 places to lead the way with Neil T (anti Argentina) nudged down to 2nd place and Pete B (anti England) maintaining third. Jamie S (anti USA) & Nick H (Belgium) crash the Top 8 and will still fancy their chances as we enter into the last 8 games.


Rob Currin (anti Ivory Coast) crashes 4 places to the bottom of the table with Gary Blackburne (Honduras) one correct score above him and Mr 2-0 a further correct score further on. An epic battle ahead then…


Highest climber is Rowan Marriott (anti Ecuador +21) with special mentions to Ryan B, Clare T, Ian P & Michelle F – biggest faller was Shashi Arora (anti Iran -13) & Reda Allam (anti Chile -13)

The table is doing as it’s told now (Dan/Dave, take a bow son…) though the England flag isn’t displaying…probably through shame. See, computers know EVERYTHING!


The prize money is also displaying on the table but it can also be found here 


So, we continue into the Quarter Finals – fixtures are up for you to start predicting (first game is 5pm today!).


My sorry performance continues (CL miracle please visit me!) and a France – Belgium final is still on though I fear the German machine & the Argie magician might bring that particular pipe dream to a close come Saturday night…


Anyway, best correct score of the tournament so far is still with Julian Fernandez for his I-held-the-mouse-down-too-long-by-mistake, Japan 1 Colombia 4.

Jon T & Clare T got Belgium 0 USA 0

18 got France 3 Honduras 0 & eleven got Chile 3 Australia .

Seven got Japan 0 Greece 0 & 7 more got Brazil 3 Croatia 1.

Five got Bosnia 3 Iran 1, 5 more Iran 0 Nigeria 0 and four got Australia 0 Spain 3.

Will O, Shashi A & Frankie F got Colombia 3 Greece 0.

Simon Linds & Reda A got USA 2 Portugal 2 (boo!), Paul V & Reda A (again!) got Argentina 3 Nigeria 2 and Steve T & Shashi A (again!) got Cameroon 1 Brazil 4.

Jamie Sellers got Honduras 0 Switzerland 3 and Mark J Brown got Croatia 1 Mexico 3.