PAS World Cup Group Stage round up



The latest table can be found here – Neil Templeton leads the way with a very impressive 56 points considering he’s only benefitted from 3 “bonus” goals against Argentina (even i’ve earnt more points than that!). It’s close at the top though with the Top 6 all making a case to be the eventual winner and the next 5 not that far away either…


Mr 2-0 is rooted to the bottom (testament to how good this Word Cup has been me thinks!) with Gary Blackburne trying his hardest to wrestle the wooden spoon away for himself…


The table ISN’T displaying as comprehensively as we would like but to be honest it’s only because Dan can’t decipher Dave’s coding! Once Dave is back from sunning himself on a far away beach (no internet!) we’ll have it all singing & dancing as envisaged…ummmm, Dave? Dave? Dave! Please come home!


For now, if you can’t remember what team you’ve got helping you along (or NOT for half of us now – damn you Spain!) click here and it will give you an idea by hovering over the flag – but even this page isn’t displaying properly…grrrr – technology eh?!


The prize money info is here btw…


So, we continue into the Last 16 – fixtures are up for you to start predicting (first game is 5pm today!).

Suffice to say my sorry performance so far has me in the sad, desperate position of predicting the opposite of what I want to happen to protect my on-going bets. Is the faint hope of a France – Belgium final really worth sacrificing a PAS Champions League spot for? Jeez, how did it get to this….


Anyway, best correct score of the tournament so far is with Julian Fernandez for his I-held-the-mouse-down-too-long-by-mistake, Japan 1 Colombia 4.

18 got France 3 Honduras 0 & eleven got Chile 3 Australia .

Seven got Japan 0 Greece 0 & 7 more got Brazil 3 Croatia 1.

Five got Bosnia 3 Iran 1, 5 more Iran 0 Nigeria 0 and four got Australia 0 Spain 3.

Will O, Shashi A & Frankie F got Colombia 3 Greece 0.

Simon Linds & Reda A got USA 2 Portugal 2 (boo!), Paul V & Reda A (again!) got Argentina 3 Nigeria 2 and Steve T & Shashi A (again!) got Cameroon 1 Brazil 4.

Jamie Sellers got Honduras 0 Switzerland 3 and Mark J Brown got Croatia 1 Mexico 3.


Next round up will be with you on Wednesday!