PAS World Cup Group Stage Match 2 update


Still got ghosts in the machine so here’s another “unofficial” (but a bit more official) update on league standings after Sunday night’s thoroughly miserable 11 o’clock kick off…

Richard Hirst is leading the way – yep, he’s got free-scoring France to thank!

Neil Templeton continues his multi-competition World Cup success here taking 2nd spot – the *true* leader if you took away any bonus points!

Tony Morris & Steve Meaton are revelling in South Korea & Aussie goals against and Scott Harrison is getting a real run for his money courtesy of Costa Rica!

From there on in it’s pretty tight (Mark J Brown sitting on the CL qualification cut off spot) with poor ol’ Mr 2-0 rock bottom with no correct scores to date. Ha!

I promise an official fully comp league table at the end of the week (actually it’ll be my pressie to you on my birthday!) and the “Last 16” fixtures too!