PAS World Cup update


Good eh?!! (bar England of course – see what happens when Theo shows his Lewis-Hamilton-like-boat on our pages!!!)

We’re having a few “technical problems” re: the latest league standings (read – Dave’s on a beach & Dan is trying to decipher his coding…) so bear with us campers, worst case scenario is you’ll have to wait til the end of the Group Stages for the first table (unofficial calculations had Neil Templeton blazing a trail at the end of June 17th matches on around 29 points so if you’re struggling on the “teens” like me, you’ll need a good few correct scores to play catch up! Naturally, the “Curse of Pab” has taken care of Spain so I can kiss goodbye to any significant bonus points…)

The prize money can be viewed here – please note £100 has been spirited away to the PAS Champions League 2014/15 pot so there’s even more reason to make sure you finish in the Top 32!

Oh, and we had a few bods (well, my bruvver) being “timed out” on their mobile devices when trying to submit scores. Our advise is DO NOT leave it til literally the deadline as the server clock here may not be in sync with your PC/tablet/phone’s clock and you could miss out! If you give yourself at least 5 minutes before the deadline that will still give you time to view the line-ups etc before committing your predictions…

Now, if I put USA 2 Portugal 1 surely that will mean progression is then a certainty for the Selecao…