PAS World Cup draw & kick off reminder


We’re ready to go! All entry fees are in (thank you!) and the draw has been made for those team goals to earn you points along with the “anti” teams whose goals conceded will do the same job (see below and here for, ahem, the slick “live feed”…)

James C is our lone entrant who braves it all alone with just his predictions to earn him points…hats off sir!

We kick off on Thursday at 9pm so make sure you get your score for that one in on time (don’t leave it til the last minute as the score doors slam shut at 20.59!)

There will be daily reminders (like you need them!) and regular league table updates.

Oh, and don’t forget to vote on who you think will win the World Cup!



PAS World Cup 2014
Ranking Team Goals For Goals Against  
1 Brazil Howard Thomas Norman Lee  
2 Spain Pab Tony Bowley  
3 Germany Jason Morris Rich Lee  
4 Argentina Simon Buxton Neil Templeton  
5 Colombia Paul Campbell Frankie Fernandez  
6 Belgium Nick Hogwood Michelle Fernandez  
7 Uruguay Kate Hopper Danny Ashworth  
8 Switzerland Jazz Sian Alex Rossi  
9 Holland Dan Pelgrom Dan Rayner  
10 Italy Olly Osmond Dan Hogwood  
11 England Ben Hogwood Pete Britton  
12 Chile Simon Lindquist Reda Allam  
13 USA Ryan Brady Jamie Sellers  
14 Portugal Gareth Morgan Ryan Graves  
15 Greece Neil Osborne Dave Nicklin  
16 Bosnia Simon Lindsay Will Oppong  
17 Ivory Coast Dave Tagger Rob Currin  
18 Croatia Jack Buxton Mark J Brown  
19 Russia Jon Tofeili Mark Seels  
20 France Richard Hirst Ian Pratt  
21 Ecuador Savan Arora Rowan Marriott  
22 Ghana Mark Fawke Vim Gupta  
23 Mexico Clare Templeton Sam Arora  
24 Costa Rica Scott Harrison Steve Tagger  
25 Algeria Andy Chesworth John Hutchinson  
26 Nigeria Paul Henshaw Paul Carter  
27 Honduras Gary Blackburne Felix Hines  
28 Japan Julian Fernandez Paul Vinson  
29 Iran Jamie Tofeili Shashi Arora  
30 South Korea Matt Worsfold Tony Morris  
31 Australia Stephen Street Steve Meaton  
32 Cameroon Neil Meredith Stuart Fitzsimon