PAS Cup Final result, PAS CL Final result & PAS World Cup update


Congrats to both our Cup winners & commiserations to both our losing finalists, the season is, phew, now concluded!

PAS Cup Final

Dan Pelgrom                  33 (6)      –    47 (11)     Scott Harrison

joker: No. of Arsenal red cards (4pts)               joker: Arsenal 1st scorer (0pts)

PAS CL Final 

Ben Hogwood          35 (9)      –     40 (10)            Gareth Morgan

joker: No. of Real corners (0pts)                joker: No. of Atletico red cards (4pts)

PAS World Cup

All 64 places have been snapped up, with James C playing along without any “teams” to help him along! So, with Mr 2-0 playing that’s 66 entrants….omen???!

If you’ve paid up already, thankyou – you’re ace! If you haven’t please make it a priority or you’ll be brushed aside and James can nab your place(s)!

The usual drill –  – please leave your name as reference!

£10 – Dan Rayner, Felix Hines, James Challinor, John Hutchinson, Mark J Brown, Michelle Fernandez, Rich Lee, Rob Currin, Steve Meaton & Steve Tagger

£7.50 – Dave Tagger, Gary Blackburne, Matt Worsfold, Nick Hogwood & Simon Lindquist

£3 – Reda Allam

£1.12 – Simon Lindsay

The draw for allocated teams will take place this weekend – you’ll be able to view it online as it, ahem, happens…who will you get?!



ps – Belgium are the first completed team in my sticker book – that means they’re gonna win it!