PAS Cup & CL Final latest scores & World Cup update


PAS Cup Final – only 4 games to go & despite a gallant effort from Dan P in the “Cup Final Proper” scoresheet, Scott H is the Hull position of having it all to lose…

Dan Pelgrom                  31 (6)      –    46 (11)             Scott Harrison

joker: No. of Arsenal red cards (4pts)               joker: Arsenal 1st scorer (0pts)

PAS CL Final – 4 games to go plus the “CL Final Proper” scoresheet to go, it’s all to play for!

Ben Hogwood 27 (5)  –  30 (5) Gareth Morgan

PAS World Cup

All 64 places have been snapped up (with James C waiting patiently in the wings) but we still have two “Top 32” players yet to confirm their participation (Stephen S & Howard T – are you out there?!). So, if you missed out on a place there’s still hope you may be able to squeeze in. Failing that, you can still play for tenner but you won’t be assisted on your points tally by any goals being scored by a team you’ve drawn (or against a team you’ve been drawn!)

If you’ve paid up already, thankyou – you’re ace! If you haven’t please make it a priority!

The draw for allocated teams will take place on week commencing June 2 – you’ll be able to view it online as it, ahem, happens…