PAS Cup 2014 – 1st round scoresheet now available!


PAS Cup starts at 19.45 this Friday, so if you’re involved (that means if your name appears in the draw below!) start your engines!

All “home” teams can play a “joker”  – just tick the box on the game of your choice to earn those valuable “double” points.

It all looks slightly different this season & it will continue to do so as the backroom boys tweak & refine until we have the perfect playing surface…if you spot any mistakes or discrepancies, please shout up no matter how small or insignificant they may seem! Every little helps…

You’ll see some ” * ” next to some fixtures – hover over these and it will tell you what kind of fixture this particular game is.

You’ll see a few buttons at the top – “print”, “download” & “email” – these will do exactly as they say with your scoresheet – print it out, download it to your PC or send it to your email address. Perfect for those of you who like to have your scores to hand at the weekend, take to the pub or scribble on! For those cutting edge types that do scores on the phone, the email function may be the one for you – who knows, you choose!

Right, here’s a reminder of the draw – good luck people (accept Richard H, hehehe….)

Mark Seels v Paul Campbell

Sam Arora v Neil Osborne

Danny Ashworth v Jack Buxton

Neil Templeton v Jason Morris

Tony Morris v Nick Hogwood

Julian Fernandez v Jamie Sellers

Scott Harrison v Ian Pratt

Paul Henshaw v Simon Buxton

Ryan Brady v Simon Lindquist

Tony Bowley v Jamie Tofeili

Jon Tofeili v James Challinor

Alex Rossi v Dan Hogwood

Dan Pelgrom v Steve Meaton

Pete Britton v Ryan Graves

Richard Hirst v Pab

Clare Templeton v Rob Currin