PAS Cup 2014 – starts this weekend!


This Friday the 1st round of the PAS Cup gets under way – are you involved?

Well, here’s the draw…:

Mark Seels v Paul Campbell

Sam Arora v Neil Osborne

Danny Ashworth v Jack Buxton

Neil Templeton v Jason Morris

Tony Morris v Nick Hogwood

Julian Fernandez v Jamie Sellers

Scott Harrison v Ian Pratt

Paul Henshaw v Simon Buxton

Ryan Brady v Simon Lindquist

Tony Bowley v Jamie Tofeili

Jon Tofeili v James Challinor

Alex Rossi v Dan Hogwood

Dan Pelgrom v Steve Meaton

Pete Britton v Ryan Graves

Richard Hirst v Pab

Clare Templeton v Rob Currin

┬áThe scoresheet will be posted once the last replay has been decided on Tuesday evening – if you were lucky enough to get a home draw, remember to play your JOKER!

This will be the first of many updates as the start of PAS Lucky 13 Spring 14 looms ever nearer, and yeah, I will be banging on about paying up!