PAS Lucky 13 Winter 13 Week 10 round up

“Feel Good Hit Of The Summer”: In his own words he had a “Super Sunday” despite leaving the Fulham game in the hands of Mr 2-0! Dan Hogwood 35 (4) eased past Paul H & his dad to secure his second weekly win of the season! The light of doubt & suspicion is at full beam on PAS Towers… #it’safix
“Quick and to the Pointless”: He took much delight righting my wrong assumption of the origin of Santa Claus this weekend, but where that may be folklore & legend, it’s a fact that Rob Currin 7 (0) is this week’s sorry loser! Ho ho ho… #it’sdefinitelyafix


Correct Score of the Week:

Not the best week people… most popular score was Spurs 1-2 win over with Sunderland – 20 of youse got that!

5 got the 4-1 at Anfield and five more got the 2-2 between Birmingham & Middlesbro.

4 got the two-two in Yeovil and four more got Dundee Utd 4 Hearts 1.

Martin S got St Mirren  0-0 Inverness C T and Alex R got the one-two win for Bournemouth against Reading.

Moi got QPR’s 0 -0 draw against Blackburn & Pete B guessed Port Vale 4 Salisbury 1.

However, this week’s best correct score and new best correct score of the season goes to Reda Allam for his totally mad-cap, Leeds Utd 3 Watford 3.


Bet of the Week:

This week’s 75p trixie went as follows –

Votes: 36 – come on people get involved!!!

Selections: Liverpool 23% /Chelsea 15% /Burnley 15?%

Prize Slot: 33rd

Returns: £0

Ouch! Still a good return for prize slot 33rd though – let’s see if we can get the others up to the same standard!

Don’t forget to cast your vote every week but make sure you do it before 10am on Saturday


Table News:

“You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire”:

Pete Britton stays in top spot, still 14 points clear ahead of Dan A & Paul H, who are locked in joint 2nd place.

Nick H crashes the Top Ten – Dan H is the highest climber ahead of Simon Linds, Paul H, Stephen S & Nick H……


“Everybody Knows That You Are Insane”:

Howard Thomas remains bottom fourteen points adrift of Dan R who in turn is 1 point behind Norman L – Ian P/Jamie S/Charlie H fall furthest just in front of Savan A & Simon Lindq……

click here to view the full table & to see how much you could win, click here!


PAS Champions League 2013/14:

Please be aware we’ve got a new system in place so we’re going to double check & I suggest you do too! Any discrepancies please shout up – don’t be shy!

Some very close low scoring ties, a right ol’ ding dong between the league champions elect, a gem of a joker & six groups are still undecided!

The CL tables can be found here

  • Group A

Clare Templeton 14(0) –  16(2) Tony Bowley

(joker = Liverpool 2pts)

Paul Campbell 14(0) –  16(1) Ryan Brady

(joker = Man Utd 0pts)

  • Group B

Gareth Morgan 19(2) –  16(1) James Challinor

(joker = Liverpool 2pts)

Neil Osborne 19(1) –  11(0) Paul Vinson

(joker = Chelsea 0pts)

  • Group C

Danny Ashworth 22(3) –  21(2) Pete Britton

(joker = Liverpool 2pts)

Stephen Peaston 19(2) –  13(1) Will Oppong

(joker = not played)

  • Group D

Paul Carter 22(2) –  10(0) Rich Lee

(joker = Liverpool 2pts)

Simon Buxton 18(2) –  25(1) Stephen Street

(joker = Liverpool 2pts)

  • Group E

Paul Henshaw 38(4) –  15(1) Mark Seels

(joker = Liverpool 18pts)

Ryan Graves 22(3) –  28(3) Simon Lindsay

(joker = Swansea 0pts)

  • Group F

Kate Hopper 17(1) –  21(3) Steve Meaton

(joker = Burnley 2pts)

Tom Ashford 19(2) –  12(1) Neil Templeton

(joker = not played)

  • Group G

Dan Pelgrom 23(2) –  24(2) Sam Arora

(joker = Liverpool 2pts)

Neil Meredith 25(3) –  11(1) Jamie Sellers

(joker = QPR 0pts)

  • Group H

Simon Lindquist 14(1) –  16(1) Ben Hogwood

(joker = Celtic 2pts)

Tony Morris 19(2) –  12(0) Jamie Tofeili

(joker = Port Vale 2pts)


PAS Cup 2014:

In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2013/14 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is…don’t-think-he’s-a-Scot Scott Harrison! 


And Another Thing:

Ever wondered who has predicted what? Wonder no longer, you can view it all here (after the kick off times)

Gonna be away in future weeks?

Future scoresheets will always be available on the site so while you’ve got time you might as well get some scores down eh?!

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