PAS Lucky 13 Winter 13 Week 8 round up

Some Kind Of Wonderful”: Rob C was tweeting his delight (remember to add the #pabpas Bobert!) at Chelsea’s 3rd goal on Sunday as he clocked another correct score on a high scoring week without very many correct scores. Surely five would win it then? He didn’t see the Buxtons coming up on the rails though and whilst Simon B caught him, Jack Buxton 41 (7) stole a lead a kept it! Well done Jack, £20 coming your way – you can pay your dad back now! #therestofusknowJack!
What’s Going On”: Oh joy! The missus had a ‘mare! Michelle Fernandez 11 (1) is missing the the old skool “you read ’em out & i’ll tell you the scores” Saturday morning non-researched routine… #youretheSp*rsofMCR
Correct Score of the Week:
Hmmmmm, not a lot of us did very well this week… most popular score was Leicester’s 1-2 win over Ipswich Town – 28 of youse got that!
17 got the last minute fest 3-1 at Celtic Park and eight got the 2-2 between the Yam Yams & the Brummies. 
5 got the 0-3 in the East End & five more got the St Mirren 0 Hibs 0.
Anders H/Me/Will O got Hull 0 Palace 1 and Clare T/Martin S/Simon B the nil-nil draw featuring Blackburn against Reading.
Ian P got Steveange’s 0-1 win against Peterborough.
However, this week’s best correct score goes to Jason Morris for his the-syndicate-will-*heart*-me-for-this, Dundee Utd 4 Partick Thistle 1.
Bet of the Week:
This week’s 75p trixie went as follows – 
Votes: 36 – come on people get involved!!!
Selections: QPR-Charlton 16% /Celtic-Aberdeen 15% /Hull-Palace 14%
Prize Slot: 44th
Returns: £1.15 
As the qualifying question didn’t really make any sense I split the bet between “home team winning to nil” & “both teams not to score” – my belief in Palace was justified!
Don’t forget to cast your vote every week but make sure you do it before 10am on Saturday


Table News:

Let’s Get It On“:

Pete Britton stays in top spot, now 15 points ahead of the fast improving Danny A, who in turn is one point in front of Paul H in third.

Rob C, Jamie T & Tony M crash the Top Ten – Jack B is the highest climber…


Too Busy Thinking About My Baby“:

Dan Rayner stays stuck to the bottom but has has another Palace man in Howard T to keep him company – but like Palace, they’re fighting back they now both two points adrift of Reda A who in turn is 2 points behind another Dirty Leeds fellow called  Dave T – Michelle F falls furthest…

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PAS Champions League 2013/14 Match Day 4 results:
Please be aware we’ve got a new system in place so we’re going to double check & I suggest you do too! Any discrepancies, please shout up – don’t be shy! Matchday 4 fixtures served the usual close run ties and Simon Lindq didn’t draw! Congrats to Pete B, Simon B & Neil T on securing safe passage to the knock out stages, the other groups have all to play for with Group H really proving to be the Group of Hell…The CL tables can be found here
  • Group A

Tony Bowley 22(3) – 27(4) Paul Campbell

(joker Peterboro = 0pts)

Ryan Brady 26(3) – 33(5)  Clare Templeton

(joker Peterboro = 0pts)
  • Group B

James Challinor 25(3) – 20(2)  Neil Osborne

(joker Cheltenham = 0pts)

Paul Vinson 21(2) – 30(4)  Gareth Morgan

(joker Newcastle = 2pts)
  • Group C

Will Oppong 29(3) – 34(5)  Danny Ashworth

(joker Arsenal = 2pts)

Pete Britton 23(2) – 20(2)  Stephen Peaston

(joker Newcastle = 2pts)
  • Group D

Stephen Street 17(1) – 22(2)  Paul Carter

(joker Everton draw = 2pts)

Rich Lee 20(2) – 38(6)  Simon Buxton

(joker Celtic = 2pts)
  • Group E

Mark Seels 30(3) – 26(2)  Ryan Graves

(joker Newcastle = 2pts)

Simon Lindsay 29(3) – 30(4)  Paul Henshaw

(joker Peterboro = 0pts)
  • Group F

Neil Templeton 31(4) – 27(4)  Kate Hopper

(joker Dundee Utd  = 2pts)

Steve Meaton 19(2) – 16(2)  Tom Ashford

(joker Peterboro = 0pts)
  • Group G

Jamie Sellers 24(3) – 29(4)  Dan Pelgrom

(joker Dundee Utd = 2pts)

Sam Arora 22(3) – 24(3)  Neil Meredith

(joker Hull = 0pts)
  • Group H

Ben Hogwood 29(4) – 25(3)  Tony Morris

(joker QPR = 2pts)

Jamie Tofeili 32(5) – 29(4)  Simon Lindquist

(joker Chelsea = 2pts)
PAS Cup 2014:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2013/14 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is…the Italian Mr Noisy, Alex Rossi!
And Another Thing:
Ever wondered who has predicted what? Wonder no longer, you can view it all here (after the kick off times)

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