PAS L13W13 pre-weekly round up


One game to go (which is already in progress) so we’ve cranked up the super-matrix so the valves heat up nicely in order to generate the Week 1 results for posting tomorrow…

We had a few minor problems (natch) but from 75 entrants, 66 of you managed to enter scores with the other 9 genuinely “forgetting” or “tactically leaving it to Mr 2-0″….so, well done you! You make me sooooooooo proud!

Still a few payments to come in but we’re nearly there – once everything is in, we can confirm the prize money splits (it’s looking good!)

You should all get this on your chosen email addresses but if there’s any you wish to add (or take off) please let me know.

Week 2 (and 3) scoresheets are live on the site but all you early birds out there please note Germany are playing Rep of Ireland not Norn Iron as it appears at the moment. The superbot responsible for fixtures has been decommissioned ¬†and a big thanx goes out to Charlie H and his eagle eyes…

Full round up coming soon – we did it people, we did it. #throwoutthemagicmarkers