nearly there! you need to know this though…


A few teething problems but i think we’ve smoothed it all out now – here’s a quick simple guide to get you started (please refer to the FAQs sent out the other day for more help!)

1) make sure you’re logging on to the “live” site (not the “beta test” site) –

type it in if you’re not sure, bookmark it & then delete any other bookmarks you may have for PAS!

2) username = initialsurname (pfernandez)

3) password = weird set of characters sent round the other day – all previous passwords used before this email will NOT work. If you’ve forgotten or deleted the email, get in touch & we’ll do you a new one ASAP

4) make sure you have a vote on “Bet of the Week” (green panel on the right) – this will determine where the bet money goes to hopefully add more money to the funds. Do it! It’s easy!

5) get predicting! remember to click “save” down the bottom once you’ve finished & remember you can chop & change as much as you want as long as it’s at least a minute before the kick off time!

6) if you’re still baffled or confused we’ll be online all tonight and from about 7 tomorrow morning…



ps – looks like 72 entrants which is fantastic – thanks for all your enthusiasm!