L13 Spring 2013: Week 13 Final Table & Season Roundup

Thanks again for taking part – I would say it’s been a pleasure but posting my lowest finish EVER put a dampener on that :-(

Congrats to all the winners – your prizes will be with you soon!

You have to say if you can climb from being around the 40th-50th mark early doors and then remain in the Top 5 for over half the season AND reach the PAS Cup Final you really are consistent!
Hats off to & congrats then to Paul Campbell 339 (50) – you’re a winner!
And you could yet be a double winner (unlike RVP, ahem….)
Paul had a 5 point lead over Neil Osborne in second place, who just couldn’t quite manage the same levels and in turn finished 2 points ahead of Danny Ashworth in third place just running out of steam when it mattered! (Oh Danny boy…)
Just one point behind, Paul Carter, with his impressive array of weekly prizes & Cup booty, ended up in fourth spot & old skooler Ryan Graves returned to the fold to scoop 5th place (like riding a bike eh Ryan?!).
Top girl goes to Kate Hopper who had a fine season (albeit with some coaching from the sidelines!) in 6th with Dan Pelgrom in seventh (notching another Top Ten finish) place 1 point above Tony Morris (syndicate bragging rights?!) in eighth.
Finishing ninth was Tony Bowley (who joins our champion trying to deny Gareth M a Cup via the CL Final!) just above James Challinor in 10th place (currently being cursed by Will O a mere 3 correct score behind in the hinterland that is 11th!) netting the last of the “big prizes”
You have to say even our champion couldn’t match the consistency level of Harry Birkner 207 (15) who takes the wooden spoon this season with gusto!
Rob C made a gallant effort over the last few weeks to rival our basement boy though, even making me look good in the process! Shocker!
Spot Prizers:
OK, you have finished on these positions and you HAVE won those prizes!
Will O on 11th, Stephen S on 12th, Mark S on 13th, Clare T on 17th Tom A & Neil M on 23rd, Pete B on 27th, Sam A & Jamie T on 31st, Stuart L on 33rd, Jon T on 34th, Olly O on 38th, Dan H on 43rd, Ciaran McG on 48th, Scott H on 49th, Mark F on 50th, Jason M on 55th, Jay H on 60th, Mr 2-0 on 66th, Greg S on 67th, Martin S on 68th, Howard T on 71st, Anders H on 77th, Alex R on 81st & Rob C on 83rd.
*** All prize money will be winging its way over this weekend – promise! ***
Champions League 2013/14:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS CL 2013/14 you had to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Sneaking the last spot… Jamie Tofeili!
If you’ve finished in the Top 32 you HAVE qualified for the PAS Champions League – if you so wish!
You can say “no thanks” if you want but why would you do that eh?!
It will cost you £25 (“Winter 13” & CL Group stages) but remember you are guaranteed entry to PAS Lucky 13 Spring 14 (if you qualify for the CL knockout stages or not!) and at the reduced rate £20 – bargain!
Plus, seeing as you’re *that good* at PAS, you’ll probably be in the PAS Cup anyway fighting on three fronts for glory & cash and who knows, maybe a historic treble!
And Another Thing:
the other little bits…
Mark Seels picked up an additional £15 for getting the Best Weekly Score of the Season – 45(8)
Ryan Brady picked up £12 for getting the Best Correct Score of the Season – San Marino 0 England 8.
PAS Champions League 2012/13:
Final: Tony Bowley v Gareth Morgan – 11/25 May ’13
PAS Cup 2013: Final:
Paul Campbell v Gareth Morgan – 11/25 May ’13
Congrats to Gareth M for reaching both finals setting himself up for an unprecedented Cup double!
Fear not! You will ALL be kept in the loop on the progress & results of both Finals!

Thanks again to all for taking time and bothering to enter, we couldn’t do it without you!
And a final big thank you to Dave N & new IT-whizz-on-the-block Dan H for providing all the behind the scenes techky stuff to enable another great season…

We really are *this* close to going fully online next season – imagine, no more Word docs to fill in & send by email!

For definite, we’ll see the Top 32 (for PAS CL) in September when kick off PAS Lucky 13 Winter 13, hope the rest of you will join in too!

Remember, spread the word and get all your people involved for next season – have a fab summer!


PS – Wondering what the weekly “bands” were? Wonder no more & make a playlist!

Week 1
The Strokes
Week 2
Beastie Boys
Week 3
Flowered Up
Week 4
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Week 5
Week 6
Belle & Sebastian
Week 7
The Jesus & Mary Chain
Week 8
Spandau Ballet
Week 9
Level 42
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Aztec Camera

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