L13 Spring 2013: Week 13 Update…

Apologies for the delay… full final table round up will be with you later this week (we like a bit suspense!) and for our Cup finalists, the Cup Final scoresheets will be with you quite soon too (we’re just re-jigging the format a bit to make it more interesting!)

Possibly the best week to get a hi-score? Our scouse friend out in the desert will agree & no doubt be sneaking off to an illegal drinking den to celebrate. Yep, Mark J Brown 38 (8) has the SLP results to thank for nudging Simon Linds down to runner up so he could snatch the final £20 of the season…
Not the best week to get a lo-score? (is any week?!) Unfortunately Francesca Fernandez 7 (0) did just that and has been sent to bed without any tea so she can think about just what she’s done…
Correct Score of the Week:
Not a bumper week for many… most popular score was Stoke’s 1-0 win over Norwich – 22 of you got that!
6 got the 2-2 at the DW, 4 got Huddersfield’s 1-3 v the Robins and 8 got the 2-2 at the Riverside.
4 got Notts County 2 Coventry City 2 & 4 got the 1-0 between The Cakes & The Jambos and Paul V & Olly O got the 3-1 for Ipswich-Birmingham.
Louise B / Jazz S / Jack B got Reading 0 QPR 0.
However, this week’s best correct score goes to Jack Buxton (again!) for his Stuart McCall inspired, Motherwell 3 Celtic 1.
PAS Champions League 2012/13:
Semi-final 2nd leg & aggregate scores available.
Congrats to our finalists – and losers, there’s &#pound;37.50 winging its way over to help you get over not getting over the last hurdle…
PAS Cup 2013:
Final: Paul Campbell v Gareth Morgan – 11/25 May 2013
Bet of the Week:
Frankie selected No.3 & Paul Campbell didn’t send us any selections, so that’s &#pound;3 on BotW prize slot 67th…