L13 Spring 2013: Week 1 Roundup

“Two Kinds Of Happiness”:
He may be getting his head baked off in record temperatures but it’s obviously not affecting his score predicting abilities. Paul Carter 36(5) is on his uppers Down Under winning the first cash prize of the season. Bonzer! #neighbours
“Hard To Explain”:
If you’re gonna fail you might as well fail in good company I suppose! Harry Birkner & Howard Thomas 9(0) pick up the first non-accolade of the season… #yowzers!
Correct Score of the Week:
Quite a few correct scores (especially a “Desmond”) knocking about… most popular score was Reading’s 2-1 win over Sunderland – 22 of you got that!
15 got the 0-3 at Stark’s Park and 10 got the 2-2 between Man City & Liverpool. Ten more got Wigan 2 Southampton 2…
6 got another 2-2(!), the one at London Road & six more got another two-two (!!), the one between Fleetwood & Bradford.
Dumas H (welcome!)/Mahli G/Felix H got Hartley & Poole’s 2 -1 win over Notts County & Ciaran Mc G (welcome back!)/Dave C/Stuart F got Ross County 2 Hearts 2. Daniel H & Steve T got Derby’s 3-0 win over The Terriers and Kate H & Matt G (welcome back!) got the only stalemate on offer at Loftus Road.
Paul C got Dundee Utd’s thumping of Rangers.
However, this week’s best correct score and therefore best correct of the season so far, goes to Stephen Peaston for his partisan inspired, Newcastle Utd 3 Chelsea 2.
Bet of the Week:
We had varying degrees of success with this last season where the weekly winners used the populist “Goal Rush” method (pick 3, 4 & 5 matches where both teams will hit the net) or the traditional 5 homes, 4 aways & 3 draws.
We’ll stick to them but this time round Frankie will pick a random number before the table is compiled and the person on that number will get the responsibility.
Remember you’re trying to win some money for yourself and put some money into an allotted spot prize position for a nice surprise at the end of the season.
We’ve set aside £3 a week from the entry fees to pay for this so let’s make sure we win it all back and then some!
Frankie selected No.71 this week, so Steve Meaton, you’re up first fella!

Table News, please be aware we may lose some, but we may also gain a few!

PAS Champions League 2012/13:
Last 16 1st leg ties begin on Week 2 – here’s the draw…

  • Pab (51) v Simon Buxton (26)
  • Olly Osmond (3) v Stephen Street (42)
  • Gareth Morgan (18) v Dave Crisp (4)
  • Louise Briggs (66) v Jon Tofeili (50)
  • Neil Templeton (43) v Sam Arora (6)
  • Martin Stafford (46) v Pete Britton (37)
  • Clare Templeton (78) (holder) v Tony Bowley (11)
  • Danny Ashworth (17) v Andy Chesworth (40)

If you’re at “home” – don’t forget to play your “joker”!

PAS Cup 2013:
Two replays from Round One

  • Chris Birch 24(2) [Joker West Ham = 8pts] v James Challinor 26(3)
  • Jazz Sian 30(5) [Joker Everton = 0pts] v Tony Morris 23(3)

Revised Second round draw on the site now.

PAS Champions League 2013/14:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Champions League 2012/13 you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is… nothing like Gazza, Jamie Tofeili.
And Another Thing:
Lots of payments have come in – thanks! Anyone who hasn’t got round to it, please do as soon as possible – don’t make me chase you!

Gonna be away in future weeks? Well, from next week you’ll be able to find scoresheets up to and including Week 6(ish) – just visit the website, download and send over in good time!

That’s it for this week – oh, you on Twitter yet? Follow us on @PabsPAS…