L13 Spring 2013: Season Start


We start this Saturday – scoresheets back 12.44 please…

Also, need your entry fee pretty sharpish!

You should all know how much you have to pay, but if don’t, email me & I’ll enlighten you (and berate you!)

Looks like we’re up to about 84ish taking part which is fab (if you’re gonna drop out, tell me NOW please!) and there’s still time to rope in some newbies to the fold…


“Bet of the Week” will continue but we’ll have a different way of picking who get choose the bet selections this season. Week 2’s bet will be taken care of by the person who is 43rd in the table after Week 1 has concluded…
The Poll results will be with you before the big kick off – thanks to all who took time out to get involved – it’s best one EVER!