Spring Cup 2013 R1 Draw and Champions League 2012 Last 16


The PAS Cup threw up (it’s how it makes me feel when I’m not involved!) some interesting ties – we have a Croydon “Arsenal-Spurs” derby, another Arsenal-Spurs duel, a Swede-off and undoubtedly the tie of the round – the Top 2 duking it out til Cup death (much to the joy of the rest of the field)!

In the CL draw, both sets of partners managed to avoid each other, Tony B drew the charmed holder, there’s a couple of Man U-Man C pairings and Gareth M drew another Gooner (to go with the one he got in the PAS Cup!).

With 9 qualifiers finishing outside the Top 32 (the lowest ranked is actually our current champ!) in PAS L13W12, the three who actually finished in the Top Ten must be rubbing their hands with expectant glee… we’ll see!