L13 Winter 2012 : Week 13 Final Table News

Thanks again for taking part – I hope you’ll join us for PAS Lucky 13 Spring 13 in February…

All prize winners – money will be winging its way over very soon – congrats!

Happy New Year!:
He pretty much led throughout the whole campaign and only looked catchable for one which a fabulous way to conduct your debut season! Through gritted teeth(!) let’s congratulate Spurs supporter Steve Meaton on finishing top of the pile. Buying yourself one of those “Mind The Gap” tee-shirts with your winnings?!
Mr Meaton had an 11 point lead over the old stalwart Richard Hirst in second place (I think you’ll be back in favour with the syndicate now Tricky!), who finished seven correct scores above an even older stalwart (& now RVP lovin’) that is Olly Osmond in third place.
Dave Crisp has done an Arsenal finishing in fourth place (not a trophy in PAS either!) ahead of Neil Osborne who will be a bristling Blade finishing 5th two points above Sam Arora in 6th (second season he’s smashed his brother!)
Tony Morris improved 30 places on last season to notch seventh place 5 correct scores above Will Oppong in eighth (which really could be “doing an Arsenal” this season!), who in turn finishes 1 point above the inseparable pair “Woking Wonder” Simon Lindquist & “Croydon Door Legend” Howard Thomas in joint ninth. Spare a thought (just a small one mind, he’s got broad shoulders) for Tony Bowley in 11th place, just one point shy of the “big prizes”…
Happy New Year?:
The battle of the bottom was pretty much as cut n dry early doors as first place! Mr 2-0 takes the wooden spoon this season (exactly where he should always be!) 14 points adrift of Neil B – oh dear, oooh to be a Wiganer!
Spot Prizers:
OK, IT IS Week 13, you HAVE won these prizes! Paul Campbell added to his Week 4 win at 12th (£25), Danny Ashworth is at 17th (£25), Ryan Brady & Paul Henshaw shared 23rd (£11.50 each), Simon Buxton is at 26th (£23), James Challinor is at 31st (£23) securing and paying for his PAS Cup entry, Felix Hines is at 34th joined by Ben Hogwood (£11.50 each) and Josh Hirst carries on his annual earning in 36th (£20). More sharing on 42nd between Frankie Fernandez & Stephen Street (£10 each), Jon Tofeili is on 50th (£15) adding to his Week 5 win, Simon Lindsay is on 54th (£20), Jamie Sellers on 60th (£20) and Siri Ofstead recoups (£20) at 65th. Norman Lee on 67th (£15), lucky Dave Nicklin is at 71st (£25) and even luckier is Jay Hoskinson on 75th (£20). Neil Birchall takes the last £20 on 82nd!
Bet of the Week:
A bit more success this season! Rich Lee finished on 11th and picked up a fiver for his troubles! Charlie Harris can take some consolation finishing on 33rd between Cup qualification and £23, by landing a massive two quid, Jack Buxton & Rich Lee on 47th shared £14 and Louise Briggs in 66th unfortunately will get nowt for all her efforts!
PAS Cup 2013:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2013 you had to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Sneaking the last spot is… Savan Arora.
PAS Champions League 2012/13:
I waited a long time for my first points in this competition and even made it through by the skin of my teeth to the hallowed “Last 16” stage! Congrats to Group winners (A) Dave Crisp, (B) Tony Bowley, (C) Andy Chesworth, (D) Jon Tofeili, (E) Pete Britton, (F) Sam Arora, (G) Stephen Street and (H) Simon Buxton.
A big well done also to runners-up (A) Olly Osmond, (B) Louise Briggs, (C) Neil Templeton, (D) Moi!, (E) Gareth Morgan, (F) Martin Stafford, (G) Clare Templeton and (H) Danny Ashworth.
You’ve all qualified for the knock out stages where PAS Lucky 13 Spring 13 will cost you £20 irrespective of where you finished this campaign – the draw (attached) was conducted by Frankie Fernandez… so blame her!
And Another Thing:
The other little bits…

  • Paul Vinson picked up an additional £13 for getting the Best Weekly Score of the Season (he’s making a habit of this!) – 50(8) Will Oppong picks up £12 for Best Correct Score of the Season – Peterborough 1 Blackburn Rovers 4.
  • Thanks again to all for taking time and bothering to enter – and a final big thank you to Dave N for providing all the behind the scenes techky stuff to enable another great season…
  • We’ll see the Top 32 in January for the PAS Cup & Lucky 13 Spring 13 along with those of you game enough to take on the “cream” – the rest of you (that don’t want to play – surely not??!), we’ll see you in September – remember, spread the word and get all your mates involved for next season!


PS – wondering what the weekly “tracks” were? Wonder no more… make a playlist!

Week 1
“Coffee & TV” – Blur
Week 2
“Atlas” – Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves Of Destiny
Week 3
“End Of The Century” – Blur
Week 4
“Baba O’Riley” – The Who
Week 5
“Only Love Can Break Your Heart” – Saint Etienne
Week 6
“That’s Entertainment” – The Jam
Week 7
“Impossible” – The Charlatans
Week 8
“Dead From The Waist Down” – Catatonia
Week 9
“There’s A Ghost In My House” – The Fall
Week 10
“Jean’s Not Happening” – Pale Fountains
Week 11
“Both Ends Burning” – Roxy Music
Week 12
“Arabian Nights” – Siouxsie & The Banshees