L13 Winter 2012 : Week 12 Preview

Scoresheets back by 12.29 on Saturday please.

It’s the final week of the CL group stages and still a lot to be decided!

Matchday 6 fixtures as follows…

Group A
Jamie Sellers v Josh Hirst / Dave Crisp v Olly Osmond
Group B
Tony Bowley v Nick Hogwood / Louise Briggs v Dan Pelgrom
Group C
Gary Mitchell v Savan Arora / Andy Chesworth v Neil Templeton
Group D
Jon Tofeili v Pab / Simon Lindquist v Dave Tagger
Group E
Pete Britton v Gareth Morgan / Frankie Fernandez v Alex Rossi
Group F
Sam Arora v Stuart Longworth / Martin Stafford v Jack Buxton
Group G
Stephen Street v Jamie Tofeili / Clare Templeton v Rowan Marriott
Group H
Scott Harrison v Simon Lindsay / Danny Ashworth v Simon Buxton

Home people, really don’t forget your Joker, it could make all the difference!