L13 Winter 2012 : Week 7 Roundup

“Your breath has never tasted as sweet”:
Very close week this week and it turns out a last minute goal from Hull City was just enough to beat our reigning title holder to the weekly prize! A case of like brother like, um, brother as Jamie Tofeili 37 (7) emulates his big bruvver’s Week 5 win adding another £20 to the Tofeili name. No need for that Toon-assisting Wonga loan now J…!
“Don’t treat it like some kind of joke”:
He was up early with the bairns on Saturday sending in his scores, but this early bird couldn’t catch a cold! Stephen Peaston 7 (0) must be inconsolable when you add a defeat by West Ham into the equation…
Correct Score of the Week:
Quite thin on the ground this week – most popular score was Man City 2 Sp*rs 1 – 23 of youse got that score!
11 got Boro’s 3-1 against Sheff Wed, 6 got the 2-2 between Leicester and The Tricky Trees and 6 got Reading 0 Norwich 0…
13 got Blackpool 2 Bolton 2 and 4 somehow got Celtic 1 St Mirren 1.
Olly O got Killy 3 Rossy 0.
However, this week’s best correct score, and new correct score of the season, goes back to Reda Allam for his inspired Morecambe 4 Barnet 1.
Bet of the Week:
Tony S went for it and… failed.

Table News:

“My freedom is a vision you seek”:
Steve Meaton stays top now 19 points ahead of the Simon Lindq and these two are pulling away from the chasing pack as Tony M is a further 5 points behind in third. Jamie T moves into the Top Ten…
“This song is, kind lady, my only hope”:
Mr 2-0 remains bottom now 4 points adrift of Vim G. Clare T is only five points further up as the battle royale at the foot of the table continues apace!
“And the place you disappear to is a place I wish to be”:
Highest climber this week, up a whopping 21 places is John Street – honourable mentions go to Jamie T (+18), Josh H (+16), Chris B (+20) and Siri O (+20).
“This big, old boat is-a-startin’ to sink”:
Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 22 places is Linsey Proctor – dishonourable mentions go to Stephen P (-19), Steve T (-16), Frankie F (-17), and Savan A (-16)
PAS Cup 2013:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2013, you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is… Norn Iron Red – Neil Templeton.
PAS Champions League 2012/13:
Matchday 4 fixtures as follows

Group A
Olly Osmond v Josh Hirst / Dave Crisp v Jamie Sellers
Group B
Dan Pelgrom v Nick Hogwood / Louise Briggs v Tony Bowley
Group C
Neil Templeton v Savan Arora / Andy Chesworth v Gary Mitchell
Group D
Dave Tagger v Pab / Simon Lindquist v Jon Tofeili
Group E
Alex Rossi v Gareth Morgan / Frankie Fernandez v Pete Britton
Group F
Jack Buxton v Stuart Longworth / Martin Stafford v Sam Arora
Group G
Rowan Marriott v Jamie Tofeili / Clare Templeton v Stephen Street
Group H
Simon Buxton v Simon Lindsay / Danny Ashworth v Scott Harrison
And Another Thing:
Thanks for all the messages that accompany your scoresheets (in true Blue Peter style, I read them all!) some of the “jokey” ones are good, very good. Occasionally you get a rogue one…

“hope Germany was good – decent ground top place for boozing!!…I went there 3 years ago with my City mate. I met the most hated man in German football… the fella at the Borrussia Monchengladbach game who used to chant “give me a B”…”