Euro 2012 : Official PAS Euro invite


Not long to go now….

We’ve had an amazing repsonse to this – about 55 of you in so the prize money is gonna be bumper! Thanks for taking part…

I’ll be sending another “last chance” email to the whole PAS group so you can ignore that – however, don’t ignore…

  1. “Group” scoresheets attached – make note of the deadline date & time!
  2. Top 16 draw attached – teams drawn by the Top 16 finishers in the last PAS league season will earn extra points for every goal their “team” scores throughout the tournament.
  3. Rules attached for your perusal – read if you’re not sure or read if you are and would like a reminder!
  4. I’m off to the Balearics on Sat so you may or may not get reminders throughout next week – I’ll be sending my first day scores around on Friday just in case I can’t get online to submit my scores on Friday 8th @ 16.59.
  5. Please pay up promptly – if you have already, I love you even more…