L13 Spring 2012 : Week 13 Update 2…

My word we had an exciting finish – the drip feed of news updates will continue…

Good Kompany:
There’s something afoot – three out of the last four “Week 13’s” an Arora brother has come up trumps. In “Spring 11”, Big Sam emulated his brother’s final week winning feat of “Winter 10” and now it’s come back round again! Yep, Savan Arora 32 (4) has a 4-0 to thank for nudging Alex R down to runner up to snatch the final £20 of the season…
This How It Feels To Be Smalling:
Not the best week to get a lo-score (just ask me!) and unfortunately Nick Hogwood 12 (1) did just that…
Correct Score of the Week:
Not a bumper week for many… Sam A & Stuart L got the 0-0 at Oakwell, 8 got Millwall’s 2-2 v the Tangerine Dream and Rob C/Isaac A/Gareth M got the 2-2 at Tannadice. 9 got Southampton 4 Coventry City 0, 7 got the 2-2 between The Shots & The Millers and Craig B & Rowan M got the 2-2 for Sunderland-Bolton. Rich H & Stuart L (again!) got WBA 0 Villa 0 and Paul H & Craig B (again!) got Celtic 3 Rangers 0.
Best correct score of the week? Not got one! It may even be a first as we did not have one single unique correct score – wow!
PAS Champions League 2011/12:
The Final between Clare Templeton & Jamie Tofeili will take place on w/e May 13/14/15/19
PAS Cup 2011/12:
The Final between Neil Templeton & Gareth Morgan will take place on over May 5/6/7/8/9/19
And Another Thing:
Full final table news and round up to follow – did you win some glory & money??!