L13 Winter 2011 : Week 13 Roundup

Merry Christmas!:
He’s had a fine debut season! Paul Vinson 32 (4) nicely bookends his first campaign after winning Week 1 on his first go! Ever! Impressive stuff Paul, £20 (at least) coming to you for those New Year’s drinks… But was it enough to clinch the title as well??!
Bah Humbug!:
Not the best week to get a lo-score, especially the lo-score of the season! Unfortunately Ben Hogwood 6 (0) did just that…
Correct Score of the Week:
A bumper week for many… Most popular score was Southampton 2 C Palace 0 – 27 of you got that!
Stephen S/Andy C got the 3-1 at Tannadice, Dan P/Norman L got Fulham’s 1-1 at Chelsea and Frankie F/Dave T got the 1-1 at Anfield.
4 got Berba’s farewell in Man Utd 5 Wigan 0, Rob C/Craig B got the 1-3 between Barnsley & Blackpool and 4 got the 3-0 for Burnley. 5 got Coventry 1 Bristol C 0 and Rob C got the three-nil at Reading.
Best correct score of the week? Sam Arora got 5 points for Dunfermline 0 St Johnstone 3.
PAS Cup 2012:
If you’ve finished in the Top 32 you HAVE qualified for the PAS Cup (if you so wish – you can say “no thanks” if you want!) and it’ll only cost you £20 for the privilege!
A PAS CL Thing:
Here’s a lesson on why you shouldn’t go out drinking for 4 nights in a row and then attempt to read scores & tables… Group E was sent out with Tony Bowley just edging out Jazz Sian in second spot after both finished the campaign with 6 points each. But if you look carefully, Jazz has one more correct score, meaning he actually goes through and Mr Bowley doesn’t. Sorry Tone, please don’t sack me…
And Another Thing:
Happy New Year! Thanks to all who took part – another great season, please play again!