L13 Winter 2011 : Week 9 Roundup

“You know your worst is better than their best”:
Don’t believe in PMA? Check this – “Can’t believe I won my Champions League game… p*ss-poor scoring the past few weeks so hoping for a 30-40 pointer this weekend” Dunno about you but I’m going try that again next week (actually, it might only work for people named Neil) – Neil Templeton 33 (5) cleaned up in an old skool scoring week for PAS. Take your well deserved £20 mi amigo – maybe you want to donate it to me though as I’m paying £42 to go to OT on Wednesday to watch the Eagles with Gary B…
“And when it hurts you know they love to tell you”:
Oooh I’ve waited many a year for this! Jazz Sian 8 [Videprinter> EIGHT] (0) finishes bottom of the pile in an otherwise tremendous weekend for Sp*rs fans – like this freak score, I’m sure their form will return to business as usual (he says furiously crossing everything and promising Jesus he’ll be good forever if He can just cook up another pre-match meal like the one I asked for last time…)
Correct Score of the Week:
Shocker of a week for some… most popular score was Chelsea’s 3-0 win over the Wanderers of Wolverhampton – 21 of us got that!
5 got the 3-1 at the Britannia, 16 got Sp*rs’s 1-3 v West Brom and 5 got Blackpool’s 2-2 against Birmingham.
5 more got the 0-0 between Doncaster & Watford and 18 got West Ham 3 Derby Co 1.
Dave T / Tony S / Mark S got Palace’s stalemate with Millwall and Rob C & Olly O nailed the Tractor Boys’ 2-3 loss at home to the Royals.
Rich L & Danny B gained 9 points from Burton 3 AFC Wimbledon 2, Paul C & Paul V hit on St Johnstone’s 3-1 v Hibs and Dave N (again!) / Dan P / Paul C (again!) benefitted from the 0-0 at Swansea.
Jon T was very proud to get Man U 1 Toon 1, Frankie F conjured up Sunderland 1 Wigan 2 and Sean P (again!) got Motherwell 0 Dundee U 0.
However, this week’s best correct score would have been Craig B’s Celtic 5 St Mirren 0 but it goes to Louise Briggs for her inspired new best correct score of the season, Dunfermline 3 Aberdeen 3.

Table News:

“You walk on”:
Shaun Backhouse stays top of the league, but his lead has been cut to a very catchable 9 points by Paul V, who in turn, is 7 points ahead of Norman L in third. The peloton is closing though with Neil T crashing the Top 10…
“But there’s no future without tears”:
Michelle Fernandez sinks to the bottom of the pile (about time that I’ll-do-my-scores-in-30-seconds technique got it’s comeuppance – ha!) now 2 points behind Ben H, who in turn, is 2 points behind Stephen P.
“Potentially calling”:
Highest climber this week, up a whopping 15 places is Simon Lindquist – honourable mentions go to Louise B (+11), Tony S (+12) and Dan P (+10).
“shying from trying”:
Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 14 places is Alex Rossi – dishonourable mentions go to Jazz Sian (-11), Mark G (-10) and Will O (-11)
PAS Cup 2012:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2012, you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is… BotW let down – Neil Osborne.
Bet of the Week:
“We all hate Leeds & Leeds, Leeds & Leeds..” if only for letting us down on our 5 homes acca – ah well, back to normal then! Hopefully Neil T will show Neil O how it’s done next time out…
PAS Champions League 2011/12:
Matchday 5 fixtures as follows

Group A
Jason Morris v Tony Morris / Stuart Longworth v Olly Osmond
Group B
Josh Hirst v Shaun Backhouse / Neil Osborne v Richard Hirst
Group C
Nick Hogwood v Danny Ashworth / Neil Meredith v Matt Gingell
Group D
Neil Templeton v Dan Pelgrom / Pab v Clare Templeton
Group E
Norman Lee v Tony Bowley / Jazz Sian v Mahli Gupta
Group F
Jamie Tofeili v Michelle Fernandez / Rob Currin v Jon Tofeili
Group G
Ben Hogwood v Scott Harrison / Pete Britton v Dave Nicklin
Group H
Rich Lee v Jamie Sellers / Mark Fawke v Will Oppong
And Another Thing:
Loved Gary Speed, he had good hair…