L13 Winter 2011 : Week 8 Roundup

“Way up high above the sky all that beauty passes by”:
Don’t believe in PMA? Check this – “Enough is enough time to get more than one correct score, here goes… Positive thoughts and all that!” Dunno about you but I’m going try that next week – Neil Osborne 46 (10!) cleaned up in a high scoring week for most (can you guess who didn’t do well yet?!) and only a “wrong” fixture denied him best weekly total for the season! You can’t have everything Neil, but you can have £20…
“It’s time for us to go”:
It’s hard enough coming from Wigan, you don’t need any more grief do you? Martin Stafford 10 (0) props up the rest of us this week…
Correct Score of the Week:
I have no idea how people got correct scores this week – most popular score was Barnsley 2 Doncaster Rovers 0 – 27 of you got that score!
21(!) got Man City’s 3-1 against Newcastle, 7 got the 0-0 between Sunderland and The Cottagers and 9 got Middlesbro 2 Blackpool 2…
11 got Southampton 3 Brighton H A 0 and 4 got Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2
Craig B got the 3-0 at the Walkers Stadium and Sean P got Nottm For 3 Ipswich 2.
Frankie F somehow managed to get Rangers 0 St Johnstone 0 and this normally would have been THE score…
However, this week’s best correct score, and new correct score of the season thus far (for the sheer drama, if anything!), goes to Jez Hopper for his amazing Wigan Athletic 3 Blackburn Rovers 3.

Table News

“If you want to go with me I’ll take you there”:
Shaun Backhouse stays top of the league, but his lead has been cut to a not-so-massive 14 points by Norman L, who in turn, is 1 point ahead of Paul V in third. I think our winner will come from this elite triumbirate… but a certain Jazz S is on the rise!
“We have time (In my dreams)”:
Jon Tofeili stays bottom of the pile now only 2 points behind Michelle F, who in turn, is 5 points behind Dan P.
“I have been there, I have seen it”:
Highest climber this week, up a whopping 30 places is Neil Osborne – honourable mentions go to Jazz S (+12), Paul C (+12), Sean P (+14), Mark S (+19), Danny B (+15), Matt G (+13) and Nick H (+13).
“We can chase…”:
Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 24 places is Martin Stafford – dishonourable mentions go to Olly O (-10), Clare T (-11), Will O (-10), Reda A (-17), Eric A (-18) and yours truly (-11)
PAS Cup 2012:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2012, you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is… still the chirpy magpie – Dave Nicklin.
Bet of the Week:
Now this is why BotW was invented – to earn attentive followers some money! This is from one enthused PASer – “Who ever does BotW next week needs to keep my money coming, won another £40 on the 4 aways 2 weeks on the bounce now!”
Yep, Sean P smashed in a 5/1 away team 4 timer to earn himself another £2.50 and BotW spot prize slot 49th £3.50. And, if it wasn’t for PNE being rubbish, we would’ve had the 5 homes in too! Excellent work – so no pressure then Neil O…
PAS Champions League 2011/12:
Matchday 4 results attached – personally I think it’s an overrated, money making exercise for show offs…
And Another Thing:
A cautionary tale mes amigos…

“Completed my scoresheet on Wednesday night and been so busy and completely forgot to send it, thought I’d just check it to see what I could of got and had 43 (8) and waiting on a 2-1 spurs win… so completley gutted”