L13 Winter 2011 : Week 5 Update

“Burst into heaven”:
How apt that in a weekend when Man Yoo have to take some overdue humiliation that a fellow Gooner wins some plaudits and prize money to help put that horrible day in August away to the back. Dave Crisp 33 (5) can now buy £20 of coins to throw at Theo until he’s bleeding to death and takes his clown sized feet away fast as his “legendary” pace will take him from our club – back to provincial lower league football where he belongs and maybe they’ll appreciate him clapping the crowd for 14 minutes when he’s dragged after another predictable, inept, watless performance. No need to ask if you want help throwing them mate! Congrats and viva Carl Jenkinson!
“…smash my dream of love”:
Even his beloved bet-busting Everton couldn’t cheer Sean Peers 9(0). Woeful. But hey, chin up son, every cloud n all that, you’re playing Man Utd next!
Correct Score of the Week:
Man it was desperate… most popular score was Blackburn’s 1-2 with Sp*rs – 19 of you got that!
6 got the 2-3 at London Road, 4 got Wolves’s 2-2 v Swansea and Sam A & Mahli G got West Brom’s 1-2 against Aston Villa.
Anders H & Will O got the 0-1 between Ipswich & Palace, 4 got Portsmouth 3 Doncaster Rovers 1, another 4 got the stalemate at Tannadice and 10 got the 3-1 between The Arsenal and The Cavemen.
However, this week’s best correct score goes to nobody as Julian F’s inspired and fairly obvious in my eyes as the Canaries are a spread betters dream, Liverpool 1 Norwich 1 was some how matched by Francesca F (courtesy of her nan)! Mad…

Table News:

“Looking down on me above”:
Shaun Backhouse goes up two places to top the league 2 points ahead of long time leader Paul V who in turn is 1 point ahead of Sam A in third.
“Seems like there’s a hole in my dreams”:
Josh Hirst stays bottom of the pile now only 2 points behind Rowan M who in turn is two points behind Pete B (like he cares this week!).
“You move in right away”:
Highest climber this week, up a whopping 22 places is Matt Gingell – honourable mentions go to Richard H (+11), Charlie H (+11), Isaac A (+11), Will O (+18), Anders H (+16) and Julian F (+11)
“I can’t stop coming down”:
Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 15 places is Danny Bushell – dishonourable mentions go to Simon B (-14), Jamie T (-12), Clare T (-12), Michelle F (-13), and Sean P (-11)
PAS Cup 2012:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2012, you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is…a humbled Red – Tony Morris.
Bet of the Week:
Oh so close! The “homes” and “aways” went by the wayside as per normal, but on 90 mins we had 3 draws in, then Everton decided to score two – boo! Next up is Mr Crisp – we need something tasty Dave!
PAS Champions League 2011/12:
Matchday 3 fixtures as follows – it’s do or die for some of us this week – eek!
Group A
Stuart Longworth v Jason Morris / Tony Morris v Olly Osmond
Group B
Neil Osborne v Josh Hirst / Shaun Backhouse v Richard Hirst
Group C
Neil Meredith v Nick Hogwood / Danny Ashworth v Matt Gingell
Group D
Pab v Neil Templeton / Dan Pelgrom v Clare Templeton
Group E
Jazz Sian v Norman Lee / Tony Bowley v Mahli Gupta
Group F
Rob Currin v Jamie Tofeili / Michelle Fernandez v Jon Tofeili
Group G
Pete Britton v Ben Hogwood / Scott Harrison v Dave Nicklin
Group H
Mark Fawke v Rich Lee / Jamie Sellers v Will Oppong
And Another Thing:
Please be aware sending your scoresheet via iPhone or Android is causing problems when applied to the matrix – correct scores are not being picked up! (but we do check, but it is a pain!) Where you can, always send your scores as a Word doc attachment…