L13 Winter 2011 : Week 3 Update…

Alex Rossi way out front after 15 games on 32(6) – best points tally of the season on the cards? Sean P & Andy C continue the chase on 27 (5) & (4) respectively and Steve T & Jazz S are well placed on 25 points…

At the other end Josh H is struggling again on 7(0) with Mr 2-0 and his 8 disciples not faring much better on 8 pts (ha!)

Bet of the Week failed on all 3 fronts yet again (boo!) and if like me, you had a few pennies on England, you’ll be ruing Rooney’s red-mist/instructions – from-dad moment and counting the cost!

Still, Mark S and myself will be collecting from Richard H courtesy of a fine Wales performance in the QF on Sat morning!

Week 4 scoresheet is up on this site now and Week 3 round up on Thursday(ish).