L13 Winter 2011 : PAS new season update – part 2 of 1,374!

Everyone read this bit!

Dear PASers,

PAS Lucky 13 Winter 11 is on the horizon – you need to get involved!

Forget the fantasy stuff – “this is reality, Greg!”*

Rules are now up on the website – please read them, even if it’s just a refresher.

If you haven’t already, please send me an email with “I can’t wait!” in the title and I’ll add you to the list of participants

We start on the weekend of September 24/25 – it’s £23.00 in and you’ll need to pay by 17th September 2011.

Top 32 from last season! Read this bit!

Top 32 people (if you can’t remember, check the names below and the rules above!) you have qualified for the inaugural PAS Champions League.

What does this entail?

Well, first off, you’re deffo in right? Right? Good. Now the really important bit… the cost!

It’s £25 in for PAS Lucky 13 Winter 11 (the “group stages”) and this will also guarantee you entry into PAS Lucky 13 Spring 12 @ £20 irrespective if you’ve got the through the CL group stage – bargain!

Please be aware though, that you will still have to qualify for the PAS Cup 2012 by finishing in the Winter 11 Top 32 – confused??! Don’t be, I’ll talk you through it as and when…

Group A
Stuart Longworth, Tony Morris, Jason Morris, Olly Osmond
Group B
Neil Osborne, Shaun Backhouse, Josh Hirst, Richard Hirst
Group C
Neil Meredith, Danny Ashworth, Nick Hogwood, Matt Gingell
Group D
Pab, Dan Pelgrom, Neil Templeton, Clare Templeton
Group E
Jazz Sian, Tony Bowley, Norman Lee, Mahli Gupta
Group F
Rob Currin, Michelle Fernandez, Jamie Tofeili, Jon Tofeili
Group G
Pete Britton, Scott Harrison, Ben Hogwood, Dave Nicklin
Group H
Mark Fawke, Jamie Sellers, Rich Lee, Will Oppong

Top 2 from each group qualify for Last 16 in 2012


* (congrats to Tony Morris who was first to Google the answer and first to admit it – ouch!)