L13 Spring 2011 : Final Table News

CL Group Stage:
You have to say it’s been a phenomenal performance to win the title in only your second “season” whilst fending off the top two all-time prize money winners to boot in a, um, thrilling final week… Congrats, you’re a winner – Stuart Longworth 331 (40). Take a boo son! Stuart had a 10 point lead over Neil Osborne in second place, our Week 7 winner who epitomised the topsy turvey peaking & troughing nature of predicting scores this season… the Runcorn ambassador Neil Meredith finishes just 1 point behind in third place and 3 points above El Presidente in fourth spot (I had that first title in my sight and I blew it a la The Arsenal…)
Jazz Sian adds to his amassed PAS riches by finishing 5th one point ahead of Rob Currin (good luck with the knee op mate!) who had a fine season, in 6th.
Pete Britton ended up in seventh place (topping a Blue Moon week!) 1 point above Mark Fawke (hope the christening went well mate!) in eighth, who in turn finishes 3 points above Tony Morris in ninth (and he’ll be celebrating finishing above his brother again!).
Shaun Backhouse finishes in 10th place (and currently involved in a right ol’ ding dong of a PAS Cup Final!) and nets the last of the “big prizes”
CL Qualifying Round:
You have to say he had a right good go at it but Savan Arora takes the wooden spoon this season after a battle royale with my brother to avoid the humiliation of last place! Let’s hope your brother, Vim & Mahli don’t rub it in too much mate!
Spot Prizers:
OK, you have finished on these positions and you HAVE won these prizes! Danny A on 11th, Tony B on 13th, Jason M on 17th, Ben H on 23rd, Dave C on 33rd, Vim G on 39th, Mark J B & Gareth M on 46th, and Mark S on 53rd.
Champions League 2011/12:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS CL 2011/12 you had to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Sneaking the last spot… Will Oppong!
And Another Thing:
The other little bits…
Neil Osborne picked up an additional £10 for getting the Best Weekly Score of the Season – 49(8)
Martin Stafford picked up £5 for getting the Best Correct Score of the Season – West Ham 2 Man Utd 4.
Nick Hogwood and Shaun Backhouse are currently playing out the PAS Cup Final – latest score is 20-21 (don’t worry, you will be kept up-to-date on the final score!)

Thanks again to all for taking time and bothering to enter – and a final big thank you to Dave N for providing all the behind the scenes techky stuff to enable another great season…

We’ll see the Top 32 (for the inaugural PAS CL) and the rest of you in September – remember, spread the word and get all your mates involved for next season!